A Sunday’s drive through the park

FA-18 style.

The description says “No audio”, but the wind zorching past the canopy is audio enough. It’s interesting to hear and see the buffet increase on the canopy with even the least amount of g-loading.

Some days, training flights are just unbearable…

…to watch. The envy is killing me!

Then, there’s this little bit of showboating

Go Navy!


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7 responses to “A Sunday’s drive through the park

  1. How does one get the handle, “Truffles”?

    • Consistent gifts of Godiva chocolates? Perhaps an unfortunately porcine proboscis? Then again, would we have ever guessed the origins of Lex’s callsign w/out him telling the tale himself? And maybe these things are better off not shared.
      Though I do wonder how Lex’s future as a strike fighter would have gone if he’d gotten the name that had front running status until Lex happened … Fifi.

  2. Comjam

    Anyone recognize which VR route this is?

    • The summary said Sierras, which, if they do such a thing, may have made this an ad hoc low level. The only listed VR that resembles anything like his flight path would be VR1250, starting feet wet near Arcata and proceeding east, but that seems kinda far north to fit this description.
      We had an A-7 guy at Targets, Bob Williams (Mumbles), who used to fly an occasional low level up around Mt. Whitney. Didn’t see that route either. 🙂

  3. Bill Brandt

    When I used to ski you’d see a lot of fighters seem to almost touch the mountain top – less than 1,000 feet above the peak – at Boreal Ridge – it was cool to have a cold, still winter day with the snow and see one of these screaming by!

  4. Nice plane pr0n. I prefer the first vid (Sierras) for the LACK of obnoxious music. Good on that guy.

  5. Bill Brandt

    I’m with you Buck. Usually the people posting such videos forget the purpose of music. Never will forget a video on YouTube of some Cobras – but the engine noise (with side pipes!) was muffled by the thumping of some heavy metal music.

    By just hearing the wind we heard what the pilot heard and got – if just a bit – of the feeling he had flying.

    G forces optional 😉

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