Another biker yarn

Following on from my little pictorially supported jaunt through Suffolk, somewhere below, I have scribed up a bit more about me getting to know the new motorbike. It’s over at my place.  It also co-incided with the loss of a friend, the news of which I got this morning. Its a sad day, but at the same time I rejoice for him for reasons that will become obvious if you pop over to have a read. Cheers for now Chums, hope you enjoy the ride.



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5 responses to “Another biker yarn

  1. Bill Brandt

    Hogday –

    Enjoyed the read….

    If you live in East Anglia – have you ever gone to some of those long-abandoned old B17 airfields?

    Always wanted to do that.

    Weather Forecasters – back long ago during my flying days (not the kind of machines many in this group are used to; a bit slower 😉 )- but we used to call them the ‘Weather Guessers”.

    61 MPG – I “assume” Imperial Gallons? Still pretty impressive. If you find yourself in Germany and happen to be on the Autobahn and see one of the Polizei chasing someone on their BMW motorcycles the sight is awesome – 120+ – sometimes much higher than that.

    I had a late friend, Bob Sanigar, from London – moved over here in 1956. He had an interesting comment about motorcycling there vs here – that over there people in cars looked out for them because cycling was more prevalent – and used as main transportation.

    Sounds like that has changed.

    Oh, and he hated the way law enforcement in this country enforced speeds – that they are too stuck on nailing you for going 5 mph over whereas if someone has impeded traffic in the left lane (right for you; I guess) they simply ignore them. He had a good fiend in the California Highway patrol who had to agree with him.

    But it seems a lot has changed in the UK since 1956 😉

    The dickwads are gradually taking over the world it seems….

  2. Bill Brandt

    Thanks Hogday – visiting those airfields is on my “to do” list –

    A great movie that I think depicts life in those days in the ~ 1990 film the Memphis Belle produced by Katheryn Wyler (daughter of legendary director Wm Wyler).

    They start you with their breakfast in the Quansot Hut (Nissen Hut to the UK?) and take you on a raid, where 1 in 3 could expect to die of be seriously wounded before their 21 missions were up.

    That whole area – with aviation and the times – interests me – from the Battle of Britain – and how dependent Britain was on just a few 100 exhausted flyers – to the man who invented the “skip bomb” and the daring raid on a Ruhr area dam by a Lancaster squadron – to our 8th AAF over there (where I guess they earned from the Brits the dubious title ‘Over sexed, over paid and over here’ 😉

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