Some Training Is More Fun Than Other Training

“Train like you fight; Fight like you train,” “Train hard, win big,” “If you’re not training, you better be fighting.”  Well, you get the picture, I trust.  Unless you’re doing a handful of jobs, when not engaged in kinetic activity addressed at nationally-determined belligerent entities (what we used to quaintly refer to as “war”) then you’re doing some sort of training to make you proficient at your trade.  It’s just that some training is, well, just a lot more fun than other training.  Anything involving the word “night” is not what we refer to as “fun.”  Night carrier landings, night terrain-following low levels, night tanking.  Those are NOT fun.  THIS, on the other hand, comes under the heading of “as much fun as you can have, with your clothes on.”  No loud and annoying sound track, no weird jump cuts, just pure fun on the southern half of Visual Route 1355, a.k.a. “The Million Dollar Ride” up the eastern side of the Cascade Mountain range in Washington State.  HD and a big screen is advised. 🙂




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4 responses to “Some Training Is More Fun Than Other Training

  1. I liked this & would probably have liked it much better had I not just finished a BBQ sandwich. 😉 I’m blaming the dizziness on age…

  2. oldskydog

    Great vid!
    I really need to get a helmet cam. This kinda reminds me of a run (although much shorter and not as fast) I used to do in the T-28 after the usual acro workout. I started at the top of a 7000 ft mountain and followed down in a ravine looking up at the granite sides, at 250 kts (to be legal, of course) to the bottom. Just before breaking out onto the desert floor, there is a 90 degree hard right turn, followed by an immediate 90 degree left reversal.
    Might do it again as soon as I get the airplane back up and a currency check. Maybe this time with a camera. Last year, I invited Lex to get some old noisy, oil leaking, smoke belching, constant rudder trimming radial time as soon as the airplane was up. He was definitely interested.
    I wish I could have gotten the work done faster.

  3. Hogday

    What a way to wake a Grizzly! Fantastic terrain.

  4. Bill Brandt

    Reminds me of the sequence of Flight of the Intruder where they are coming into the PI.

    Great screen resolution.

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