Wash Rack

On the wash rack

On the wash rack

It’s easy to forget that for every hour of flight time there are several hours of maintenance time. The amount varies per airframe, but is substantial. Most of the maintenance comes in the form of inspections, preventative maintenance and phase (time driven) maintenance. The amount of time actually having to fix broken stuff is only a small part of it. Here a crew chief washes his helicopter, a regular occurrence even here in the desert.


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3 responses to “Wash Rack

  1. Bill Brandt

    What is the ratio Pogue? Years ago, while living in Sandy Eggo, I took a tour of North Island when the Navy had an open house. I was told an F4 Phantom’s ratio was 1:20 which surprised me.

    I am sure that technology has driven that down somewhat.

    Wonder how the ratio compares with, say, a Vietnam-era Huey.

    BTW a somewhat related story:

    My neighbor is a Vietnam vet – a Huey mechanic. Eight hours a day (well, you know the Army 0 it was whatever it took) – but he fixed broken and shot-up Hueys.

    However the Army was short of door gunners so they made him the door gunner.

    Eight hours he would work on them and the next eight hours fly in them.

    Said most of the pilots were 19-20 years old. When they were leaving an LZ they would fly almost vertical to gain speed right off the ground.

    • Pogue

      Bill, I don’t know the number off hand – I’ll ask our production control people next week. They have all the official numbers.

  2. Love those whirly things…

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