I enjoyed reading Old Air Force Sarge’s last post. I think I can see from whither the man cometh. I wish to add to his musing a take on the theory of  current political `leadership` and have come up with what I feel is an interesting example of  the current style of `crisis management`.

For those unfamiliar with the series of comaedic plays that went by the name of “Blackadder” on BBC TV, the below example from the final series, set in France during WW1, was greatly appreciated by many surviving veterans of `the trenches` who managed to remain alive long enough to enjoy it and who are now greatly missed by my generation.

(As a footnote, I just wanted to say that although we are not in touch as much as we once were, I still think of Lex’s commenteers and rapporteurs, whose company I enjoyed immensely and still do – that means you!)

Incidentally, the term `Wibble` found its way into British police jargon and is still popular, occasionally being heard over the r/t when difficult questions passed over the airwaves are followed by long moments of silence


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8 responses to ““Wibble”

  1. Bill Brandt

    What amazes me is that for so many of the “leadership” the coming crisis isn’t so much something to try and avert but to use for one’s own advancement

    A majority of them are suggesting wibbles as the solution 😉

  2. Old AF Sarge

    Thankee for the kind words HD. This is an excellent follow-on from my previous post.

    Wibble. Indeed.

  3. Buck

    “Life imitates art.”

  4. Grumpy

    Gentlemen, you have all written posts or comments that sorta sneaks up behind you, just when you figured you understood everything that was being said or implied, you’re in for a big surprise. Your comment sorta gives you a not so gentle back of the head slap. Some would say where I was getting a “radical attitude adjustment”. Actually, I was getting some good counsel. Thank you.

  5. virgil xenophon


    I enjoyed the entire Blackadder series immensely; the last WW I series was the one I saw first, however. I roared. Of course with the ending one knew there obviously weren’t going to be any sequals, lol.

  6. scottthebadger

    Atkinson’s Thin Blue Line was a hoot, as well. I liked the episode where his wife, who was also his desk Sgt., ( Atkinson being a local Chief Constable ), came home frogged off at him, found him building a Sopowith Camel at the dinner table, and after he said the wrong thing, she slammed the flounder she had brought home for dinner down on the Camel, and said, ” You’re just lucky we aren’t having lamb”. HA HA HA HA!

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