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Tour of a WW2 Sub


Yesterday, I took my nephew to see Alcatraz Island. I really don’t like to go into San Francisco unless I have to – parking alone was $30 – with surly attendants at no extra charge –  but there are some interesting things to see at Fisherman’s Wharf, besides the boat that leaves for “The Rock”.

About a 20 minute walk from that embarkation point was the restored Liberty Ship Jeremiah O’Brien and the WW2 Sub USS PAMPANITO (SS-383).

This was a quick tour as we had to get back but I thought you would like to see these photos taken as I toured the boat.

One things really impressed me about this – the tight spaces – there wasn’t even a shower – and 75 man crew crammed into this tube for 70 days at a time.

Yet some years ago, when I was in Chicago I toured one of the few captured German U-Boats – and the Pompanito looked like a limo compared with the U-Boat.

The silent service has always been all volunteer, and claustrophobics need not apply.

We’ll start at the access hatch towards the stern and work our way out to the hatch near the bow.

Welcome aboard. Continue reading


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