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2 Dates Etched In My Memory

Are November 22, 1963 and September 11th, 2001. I can tell you exactly where I was on both of those dates and what I was doing. On the morning of September 12th, I was walking my dog as normal and I could sense that something was different. It took me a moment, but I realized it was the sky.

It was the absolute quietness of the sky. Not a plane could be seen or heard. The FAA had grounded all civilian air traffic the day before.

Two years later, I visited Manhattan for the first time in my life. Stayed at a little hotel at midtown run by Catholic nuns.

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How Bad Did It Have To Be?

I was driving to work – on the freeway, when I had my usual news station on. They were talking about the World Trade Center, and I had assumed that it must have been an anniversary to the 1993 bombing. It wasn’t for 5 minutes or so that I realized that this was in real time.

In subsequent years, I got a DvD documentary – filmed by the Naudet brothers – Jules and Giden – 2 Frenchmen who were embedded with the firemen. They had come to America in June with the intent of just filming  about the life of a “Probe” – a new fireman just learning the ropes. If you haven’t seen this 2 hour documentary, I recommend it.

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Where Were You That Day?


I was commuting to work on the west coast – having my own business at the time I could be late – and I heard on the news about the Twin Towers. I was thinking that this must be an anniversary of the 1993 bombing and wasn’t for 5 or 10 minutes did I realize that this was live.

Since that time, I visited Manhattan for the first time – in 2003. A friend of mine who lives outside Philadelphia had an invitation for a financial seminar to be held in one of the towers – near the top.

He decided at the last moment to skip it.

When I visited Manhattan I stayed at a little hotel in midtown run by some Catholic nuns. They all had their stories, but one mentioned being glued to the window and seeing the smoke off to the south.

Even 2 years later, some New Yorkers hated taking the subway.

During that visit, an acquaintance of mine, who lived in Manhattan, took me on a walking tour of the area. If you haven’t been to Manhattan, it is amazing how far you can go just walking. We stopped at the Fire House that was the first to respond. They were right by the famous Fulton Fish Market and I guess their firemen were first up in the Towers when they came down.


I took a picture and then, with a fireman looking at me – not a hostile glare but silent – a glare tinged with sadness that told me without words that I couldn’t possible have known them by taking just a picture.

You could not possible imagine the hole where the WTC was – pictures never did it justice. But I’ll try & show you.

I’ll show you the church that gave the responders some rest.

That day showed me that we are not immune to evil reaching our shore. But Americans responded. I don’t know if I could be among those who stormed the cockpit of Flight 93 and saved the White House or Congress by their sacrifice.

I’d like to think so .

But unless faced with it saying you would seems to diminish the sacrifices of those who did.

Two books I have read of this day showed 2 completely different perspectives – one was from Air Traffic Control and the other profiled people trapped in those towers – those who survived and those who didn’t.

May we never forgot those who died that day…

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Where were you that morning?


Images of WTC Post 9/11

I was commuting to work and started hearing about it. I thought it was some anniversary remembrance of an event 8 years earlier.

But then they talked of one of the buildings collapsing.

The following day, I was walking my dogs as I have for years and struck by something – I couldn’t really know what was different that morning but knew something was different. Continue reading


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