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Where Do We Go From Here?


Apache Scout
by Frank McCarthy

For the first time, virtually ever, there was no “Daily Lex” today. Todd has done a superb job taking care of this for a year now. Yes, others have stepped in from time to time but Todd has really done the heavy lifting. He has laid this burden down, as he said he would. Though I was ready for this, still when I came here today it was, “Uh, oh yeah. Yesterday was it. Well, now what?”

Yes, now what? Does someone else pick up the task or do we say farewell to the “Daily Lex”? I fear that The Lexicans might wither and eventually be neglected, left to gather dust on the virtual bookshelf. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions as to what we do next?

We knew this day would come. So my brothers and sisters, what’s next?

And thanks Todd. “Ya done good!”


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