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It’s all these things…

Posted by lex, on September 21, 2005


Severally, in combination.

I’m in the mood for a right good screed tonight, the stars having combined in their splendid variety. And anyways, I’ll share a secret with just the two of you: I like the screeds that Lileks puts out the best, and go there looking every day or so as a guilty pleasure. Not because there’s not enough of that in the world (heaven forbid) but because nobody does it better. If asperity had a copyright, you’d be begging him for permissions.

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63% Dixie

Posted by Lex, on July 21, 2008

I’d have thought a little more.

Now you go.

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What’s Your Consumer Score?

No, I’m not talking about your credit score.

Years ago, 46 to be exact, I found myself one early morning at the draft reception station in Oakland, CA. Even though Vietnam was winding down, there was a Marine LT there. There were times when people would be drafted for either the Army or Marines – they would count off by 2. (During WW2 they would go into any of the services)

Anyway, the Marine LT told us about the “10% Rule”.

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Manicurists and Movie Stars

In California at least, go by any strip mall and if there is a manicurist, the odds are overwhelming that the owner and employees are Vietnamese. In fact, I have never seen one in years that wasn’t staffed by Vietnamese.

I always wondered why this was inevitably so, and yesterday got my answer.

H/T to one of the Lexicans


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Making It Cheaper

Last evening, I had yet another small revelation about something that had a rock-solid reputation for years. I blame MBAs and conglomerates.

I’ve had a 22 year old Mercedes-Benz SL500 for the last 5 years – and have put 70,000 miles on it in the interim. Only the last few years I had been plagued by a rattle that was driving me nuts (is there any other kind?) . At slower speeds it  sounded like metal clanking on metal, and just to show you how in our diagnosis (of anything really) we can get tunnel vision, and not look for anything “outside the box”, I “assumed” all this time it was a loose heat shield either lining the engine or exhaust system.

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One Reason The Internet Is A Hoot

I have mentioned others, but this evening I am watching a new series (for me) called Lilyhammer. It is a Norwegian production that Netflix has. It’s about an American mobster who, in exchange for testimony, is in the witness protection program and his choice of venue was….Lillehammer, Norway.(update: Norwegian spelling)

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A Lexicans PSA


For those interested in seeing the solar eclipse August 21st, this neat site will tell you what it will look like from your zip code.

May take a moment to load.


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If You Could “Erase” A Traumatic Memory, Would You?

Here’s an instance of Science being a dual-edge sword. “There has been a revolutionary discovery in the field of neuroscience, when MIT researchers Steve Ramirez, and Xu Liu implanted a memory into a mouse that never happened.

“….what Ramirez, now 26, and Liu, 36, have been able to see and control are the flickering clusters of neurons, known as engrams, where individual memories are stored. “

Of course the ethical issues are tremendous.

The article is here.

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From The K.O.O.K.S. *

What Navy Fighter inspired the hood ornament of the ’55-56 Chevy Bel Air?

(Hint – it is post WW2)


(Scroll Down For the Answer )



The F7U Cutlass (which also inspired a new model name for Oldsmobile in 1954)

Interesting article about this plane in the current Smithsonian Air & Space Magazine


*Keepers Of Odd Knowledge Society


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Thinking Ourside The Box and Survivorship Bias

One of the Lexicans posted this link on the FB page and I thought it was so interesting thought I would repost it here.

Question: Where do you add armor to returning shot-up planes to help the crew to survive?

As an aside the article reminded me of another one from WW2, where primarily female mathematicians calculated artillery trajectory charts for the Army & Navy..



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