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Meet Up

By lex, on July 7th, 2011

So, tomorrow afternoon  at, say 1630 – good Lord willing and the dam don’t break – your humble will meet travelers from lands antique and otherwise at the usual spot. Some of them are known to you through the comments boxes of these pages, whilst others I gather are chiefly of the lurker set, but all are welcome. All are welcome.

As are you, friend, if you happen to be in town and the thirst catches you.

And if you’re wondering whether you can buy me a beer, the answer is yes. Yes you can.

If we’ve never met before and you want to know me by looking at me, take the picture to your right, add fifteen pounds and fifteen years while graying up the rug most generously.

It’s the daughters, I tell you. That and waving them Tomcats.

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Shakespeare’s Meet Up Hot Wash

We had a great time there last night, with Mary, Beth, her husband Armando, Padre Harvey and his bride Tamara, Dwight, and Patrick. I only got two pics to come out, but hopefully Beth can get the pics Mary took, and Patrick needs to forward a few. Dwight too, for that matter.


Shakes 2 Shakes

Much Guinness and a fair amount of Jameson (and the odd gin and tonic) and some fantastic stories from Mary. Lots of hugging, laughing, and just plain fun.

It was a hoot. I’ve been to quite a few blog inspired meet ups over the years, and it’s always amazing how you meet people for the first time, and you pick up your previous online conversations without a break. If you’ve never done one, you really should do so.

Padre Harvey kicked it off with a very nice invocation. He also said something that touched Mary. Pointing to the seemingly sparsely populated venue, he stressed that every seat there was filled, by you, dear Lexicans, in spirit.

And I’ll never hear the song “Roxanne” the same way again (inside joke).


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