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Beware Of The Cheerleader

“It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.”

—Mark Twain


A bully confronted this young lady and got more than she probably expected.

Bullies generally prey upon those they perceive as weak and vulnerable. I came across this video today and immediately thought of the character Claire Bennet (The Cheerleader) in the old NBC series Heroes.

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Images of Germany 1973 – Bernkastel Weinfest

As promised, here’s a few pictures of the Wine Fest held every fall at Bernkastel. Whenever  I could, I hopped on a bus and traveled. Bernkastle, on the Mosel (Moselle) River, is a large wine growing center. I went back in 1992 trying to retrace my past, and there were so many tour busses I couldn’t even park. So I continued on.

That road along the Mosel to Koblenz is a beautiful drive.

But here it is before all the tour busses came.

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USS Enterprise CVN-65 by Gabriel Suranyi


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Round Two!


Got that chocolate hint like Hershey’s Special Dark.
I Like it!


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