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Life Event

I haven’t been here in awhile lately and I should not be that way. Today’s announcement is part of that journey of life. I finally had to call it being a Crew Chief in the 416 AMU.

Among The Joshua Trees

Life event/Milestone.

It’s official.
I am a Tool Room Attendant.
No more flight line or jets for me.
The foot issues enabled me to obtain a reasonable accomodation to get off the line.
For the record:
ACC on 83-1120, 80-3666, 80-0584 and 88-0445. DCC for a time on 88-0456.
It was a good run. Father Time finally let me know that it was time to do something else not as strenuous, as well did my doctor..
The main bragging point: Oldest Crew Chief on the Line at Red Flag 12-2 at the age of 57!

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Passing Gas

Passing Gas

KA-6D of VA-145 refueling an EA-6B of VAQ-137 somewhere in the Indian Ocean.
We were on the “Long Cruise” of Sep 80 to May 81.
Thank you Jimmy Carter……………………………………….

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