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Some Rarely Seen WW2 Color Photos

I have on my bookshelf an interesting book of WW2 photos, taken by regular servicemen using what was then a tremendous luxury: color film. Some memorable photos: Immediate post war Germany, and a row of Mustangs in a field being cut up and burned by German civilians.

An American Spitfire squadron (didn’t even know that there was such a thing).

Anyway just got my Smithsonian Air and Space magazine today and as usual, there were plenty of good articles. They must be if not unique, nearly so, in that they post to the web most of their articles in their magazine.

Here’s an article on some more WW2 color photos – bet you haven’t seen them.

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Whittle on Breitbart

Posted By lex, on March 5th, 2012

Worth watching, if you haven’t already seen it.

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Shut Up, They Explained

Posted by lex, on October 5th, 2011

Almost alone among mainstream media outlets, CBS News reporter Sharyl Atkisson has been digging away at the Gunwalker Scandal. In an interview yesterday with Laura Ingraham, she told how she that White House and Justice Department spokespeople have been “screaming at her” in response to her questions about what the Attorney General knew, when. They told her that, “the Washington Post is reasonable, the LA Times is reasonable, the New York Times is reasonable, I’m the only one who thinks this is a story, and they think I’m unfair and biased by pursuing it.”

And now, CBS seems to agree:**

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Fiddle, Fiddle

By lex, on March 26th, 2011

More good news from the Arabian peninsula:

U.S. spy agencies have gathered new intelligence indicating that al-Qaeda’s affiliate in Yemen may be close to launching a terrorist strike, according to U.S. officials who said the development has added new urgency to concerns about the turmoil in the Middle East.

The officials said the agencies have assembled only fragmentary information on the plot and do not have enough detail to issue a public warning or to take specific measures to counter the threat.

But officials said the intelligence is regarded as credible, creating a scenario that has worried U.S. counterterrorism officials since the crisis in the Middle East began. The threat comes at a time when counterterrorism operations in Yemen have been disrupted by mass protests that threaten the 32-year rule of President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

A couple of years back it was widely fashionable to “question the timing” of such a revelation.


It is what it is.

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Rush Limbaugh

With the news this morning of Rush’s passing, I thought I might bring a few remembrances of his early days. He arrived rather suddenly to Sacramento’s KFBK radio. Not as a syndicated host, but the host. He had had a number of radio jobs, all resulting in termination. I think that he chaffed at what station managers wanted him to do, versus what he wanted to do.

KFBK has over the years, been a very influential radio station in that they have many alumni around the country. I read his autobiography years ago, and he admitted that after so many failed radio gigs, if this Sacramento post didn’t work, he would have left the industry.

Fortunately the station manager gave him a lot of latitude.

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Cooler Heads, and that

Posted by lex, on September 9, 2010

Gainesville Pastor Terry Jones has agreed under the pressure of overseas world leaders, General Petraeus, the Pope, the president and 301 million (-50) other Americans that his stupid pastor stunt was, well: Stupid.*  In light of the fact that site of the GZM project has been moved (it hasn’t).

Let us put aside for the now the exceptional phenomenon of the leader of the free world having to inject himself in this sordid spectacle, architected by a mean little man in a mean little shed masquerading as a church.

Let us focus instead on the new-found delicacy of our media, two members of which – having helped fan the flames of absurdity – decided to decline covering the actual act had it occurred.

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Posted by lex, on June 25, 2010

I only read David Wiegel’s “Right N0w – Inside the conservative movement and the Republican Party” blog on the Washington Post episodically. Nothing the journoblogger wrote seemed particularly trenchant or relevant to my interests. There were no pretty airplane pictures for example, nor thoughtful exposés on foreign women. With rifles.

And when I noted him halfheartedly defending the “hug” that North Carolina Congressman Bob Etheridge gave a young videographer  who had the temerity to ask a public servant what his public position was, I sort of assumed that his “inside the conservative movement” subtitle was either inside the beltway irony, or else some Fossian, “conservatives in the mist” research project.

But apparently, the WaPo is so unfamiliar with Actual Conservatives that the paper hired Wiegel to balance their left leaning editorial slant in an embedded blog at their online newspaper portal.

A mistake, as it turns out:

The current flap over Washington Post blogger Dave Weigel has its roots in a fact that suprised me when I learned of it earlier this year: The Post appears to have hired Weigel, a liberal blogger, under the false impression that he’s a conservative. The new controversy over the revelation that he’s liberal is primarily the Post’s fault, not his, except to the degree that he allowed the paper’s brass to put him in an unsustainable position.

Wiegel was hired by the Post to bridge the gap between “responsible journalism”, editorial and the blogosphere that depends upon them. He has resigned his position  after someone on Ezra Klein’s “Journolist” listserve openly published some rather intemperate language Wiegel reserved for Matt Drudge and others, language for which Wiegel later apologized. Sort of.

I don’t fault Wiegel for holding views heterodox to my own, and do believe that it’s more than a little creepy that someone on an invitation only, private listserve would go trawling through the archives on a journey of targeted personal destruction.

And I really do believe that the Post ought to take a field trip out behind the beltway barricades, so that next time around they might recognize a conservative, or even Republican when next they meet one.

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A Game of Inches

Posted by lex, on June 7, 2010

If the Helen Thomas meltdown proves nothing else, it demonstrates that the spectrum from responsible journalist to opinion reporter to advocate to self-important lunacy is infinitely gradated, according to Jonah Goldberg:

If there was a right-winger who’d spouted so much bile, hate, and ideological agenda-driven nonsense in the White House briefing room for half a century it would be . . . oh wait, no such person would have ever been allowed to become a Washington “institution” in the first place. According to the media graybeards, it’s always been a sign of seriousness and unwavering truth-seeking for reporters to attack from the left (c.f. Dan Rather, Daniel Schorr, et al.).

See? She’s not biased she asks Obama and Clinton tough questions too! Yes, from the hard, loony left.

All of these condemnations, equivocations, repudiations, and protestations are all fundamentally silly because they are part of a D.C. Kabuki that treats the last straw as if it was wholly different than the million other straws everyone was happy to carry.

Of course, the alternative explanation is that within the press corps she wasn’t really all that strange until she went off the deep end. One of those “tipping point” kinds of things.

That and a regrettable tendency to stay on stage long past the last curtain call.

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That’ll fix it

Posted by lex, on January 3, 2007


Hands up who likes criticism – even the constructive kind?

But who thinks criticism – especially the constructive kind – is important to prevent stagnation, stultification and terminal self-satisfaction?

Not the New York Times, apparently.

After the Jayson Blair fiasco, the Times hired Dan Okrent as its “Public Editor,” essentially an ombudsman role. In that role, Okrent is chiefly remembered for answering the question, “Is the New York Times a liberal newspaper?” with, “Of course it is.” Even though he went on to say that it didn’t matter, Okrent was respected, but not much loved at the paper.

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Posted by lex, on December 12, 2006

The Christian Science Monitor discovers Bill Roggio:

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