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Meeting 2 Iwo Jima Veterans

Meeting 2 Iwo Jima Veterans
The Guests of Honor: Cpl Frank Wright (left) Maj Bill White (right)

They are going so fast now, the veterans of WW2. Growing up in the 50s, they were all around me. My father, of course. He had a good friend who was an Army tank commander in North Africa. Another family friend was in the 2nd wave at D-Day. My uncle was a Marine.

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Shooting Iwo Jima

300px-WW2_Iwo_Jima_flag_raising Joe Rosenthal & AP

Just saw an interesting program on Netflix. Just about everyone has heard of Joe Rosenthal and his iconic B & W photo of the flag-raising on Mt Suribachi .

It got him a Pulitzer prize and world-wide fame.  Less known about that was that it was actually the 2nd flag to go up there. I read the book Flags of Our Fathers by James Bradley some years ago, that gave an excellent account of both Iwo and the Rosenthal photo.

How many of you have heard of Bill Genaust?

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