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Life Event

I haven’t been here in awhile lately and I should not be that way. Today’s announcement is part of that journey of life. I finally had to call it being a Crew Chief in the 416 AMU.

Among The Joshua Trees

Life event/Milestone.

It’s official.
I am a Tool Room Attendant.
No more flight line or jets for me.
The foot issues enabled me to obtain a reasonable accomodation to get off the line.
For the record:
ACC on 83-1120, 80-3666, 80-0584 and 88-0445. DCC for a time on 88-0456.
It was a good run. Father Time finally let me know that it was time to do something else not as strenuous, as well did my doctor..
The main bragging point: Oldest Crew Chief on the Line at Red Flag 12-2 at the age of 57!

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Something missing………………………………….

Easier to just link it………………………………………..


A comment on Facebook……………from OldAFSarge………

“As another great man might have said, “It is to weep.””

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From a fellow Lexican comes this from his blog RUMBEAR CHRONICLES. Thank you, Charles Mellor for this.

That is an awesome picture BTW!

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Notable Milestone

Just thought I would put this out there. Thirty years ago today, Mrs. ORPO and I got married.



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File Missing

Got this from a facebook friend………………………..

Couldn’t pass it up……………………..

File Missing


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USS Enterprise makes final foreign port Visit at Naples, Italy

USS Enterprise makes final foreign port Visit at Naples, Italy.

I vaguely remember when she was commissioned on the one TV station we got in Malta, MT fifty one years ago…….I was seven years old.


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The photo was at the Commander, 7th Fleet site. Fond Memories………..possibly. It has been so long since I participated in such an evolution.

It ain’t all shoot em from the front and catch em on the back folks. There is the routine, the mundane, the dirty stuff that needs to be done. Those flight deck markings need to be visible and the crap that leaks out of airplanes builds up on the flight deck and makes things interesting. It also hurts like hell when one is blown down the deck a ways on one’s posterior.(Personal Experience at the tender age of 19!)

The link is to the post I put up at Old Retired Petty Officer, just for grins.


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Possible gathering of The Lexicans

Kanani Fong, proprietor of the most excellent blog, Kitchen Dispatch has a splendid idea.

A Meet.

Down in So Cal on the Beach  where we can park RVs or tent trailers and such.

We can chat, imbibe, commiserate and bond in person.

What say you?

I am going to personally brow beat Bill “Pinch” Paisley to make it, among others.

We need to do this.

It is on my bucket list.  Remember folks, I have already dodged the Big “C” once. Life is what it is…………………..

For our friend Lex.

I will bring Guinness and Jameson. Got to.


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Castra Praetoria: High Ground

Courtesy of America’s Sergeant Major. This is a good one folks.

The Journey Home is an Uphill Battle

Kanani over at the Kitchen Dispatch is one of the lead ninjas getting the word out on this great film (yes I’ve seen it, awesome!). Kanani describes it best:

“High Ground ties in with the warrior resiliency programs used to address combat stress and trauma, as well as the aftermath of war.  But I think there’s a difference: this is showing people doing something, not just a list of things to watch for. I think it could lead to a good discussion about self care, a great discussion about the scientific studies being done that prove movement and breath combined with talk therapy surpass the limiting treatment to the usual two modalities (medication and talk therapy).   We have a chance to help this and future generations of veterans with the aftermath of war in ways that were unimaginable in the past. High Ground is part of it, and it does not mask the very substantial trauma that the men and women went through, while also showing them experience small victories along the way.”

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Father’s Day Greetings

Father’s Day Greetings to all.

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