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Check Engine Light


This condition activated the Check Engine Light while driving down the mountain from Sequoia.

It seems that I have one more thing to milk tell about my recent 3 day trip, and this may help you in the near – or distant – future.

Despite taking obvious preventative measures, when you have a car that is 23 years old….things can happen. That is, unless one is willing to replace every electronic or moving component in the car. Even then, brand new cars have been known to break down on the road. Because while the engineers know what MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) each component may have, there are statistical deviations between the norm.

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Sometimes All You Can Do Is Laugh Part Deux

A lot of times, I think the only thing that has gotten me through this life is a sense of humor.

I have liked to work on cars since I ….well, had a car, a 1967 Chevy Camaro – in 1969. Had a 327 – Corvette high compression heads and an “executive” option of which 6,000 were made.

Wish I still had that car.

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