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After the Camp Fire, with 11,000 homes lost, I had a curiosity to see the epicenter, Paradise. Paradise is on  the Sierra foothills in Northern California , about 1,500′ elevation.

It really is a bucolic little town, nestled among the pines, and was a favorite place to retire. Despite its 1,500′ elevation, it is only 20 miles or so from Chico, elevation 150′,  a smaller city at the northern end of the Central Valley.

I called the California Highway Patrol in Chico, who assured me that all the roads to Paradise were open. With that knowledge, I headed up the highway to Paradise.

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Preaching the benefits of capitalism

In todays WSJ, Peggy Noonan had a great piece on a “non idiot” billionaire: Ken Langone, founder of Home Depot.

“An occasional preoccupation in this space is that young people have no particular loyalty to or affection for free-market capitalism, the economic system that made America a great thing in history and a magnet for the world. There are two reasons. One is that in their short lives they’ve witnessed and experienced only capitalism’s scandals—the 2008 crash, inequality. The other is that they’ve never heard capitalism defended—not in K through college, not in our entertainment culture. When you don’t especially admire something you feel no inclination to protect it, which will have serious political implications down the road.

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Southern California on some roads less traveled

Images of Southern California


I have probably mentioned this before, but my idea of a perfect trip is to start the journey with no idea how it will end. Whether I have a seemingly unlimited amount of time, or just 4 days, as I did last week. Some of the most memorable trips I have had are the most unexpected.

Like having my tour group leave Nairobi for Cairo, and 4 of us were bumped for the overbooked flight. I spent a day or 2 just wandering around Nairobi – with no itinerary.

When I did get to Cairo the next day or 2, I took a taxi to our group’s base – the Radisson Hotel in Giza, and the memories of Cairo, and rounding a corner of the wide boulevard – and seeing suddenly the great pyramid at Giza loom into view – was a lifetime memory. That is a memory I would not have had if I had been with the group on a tour bus from the airport.

So I not only welcome the unexpected, I work to get it.

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Double California Taxes 2012

California taxpayers are simply not taxed enough, so Governor Jerry Brown is asking Californians to vote for higher taxes this November, and why not?

We need to pay double taxes statewide immediately.  Let’s look into our hearts, reach deep inside our wallets, and start throwing huge wads of cash toward Sacramento.

The rest is at the link.

Be advised this is California Humour, such that that is.


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