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Centrifuge Training

By lex, on Mon – April 25, 2005

A sea story. Are you relieved?

When I was an adversary pilot in Key West, Florida, eventually the day came that my buddy and I, who arrived at the squadron about the same time, got to begin F-16N training. That was a moment long looked for, eagerly awaited. We’d been flying the A-4 Skyhawk for just over six months, and while it had been fun, say thankya, it had been something of a step down from the FA-18’s we’d flown in the fleet. We were looking forward to a little “strange,” in the form of F-16 training. Looking forward to flying the “Viper.”

But before we could start flying the “Viper,” we had to go to Warminster, Pennsylvania.

And get a few rides in the centrifuge .

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Trusting The Public


H/T to one of the Lexicans who posted this to the F/B page.

“It is a cautionary tale of well meaning, engagement-seeking bureaucracy and a cheeky public and it could see a very expensive new research ship given the most ridiculous name ever.” 

As a few told me, “Can you imagine being a crew member calling the harbormaster with your ship’s name?”

Personally, I favor the RRS It’s bloody cold here. 

Reminds me of this post of Lex’s on callsigns.


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Off to Mystic, Connecticut this weekend.

I’ll be winging my way to the great New England area and Mystic, Connecticut.

I’ll be leaving the Chi tomorrow morning and arriving in the early afternoon.

I may be going to the New England Air Museum and later to the Quonset Air Museum with pictures to follow in a future post.

Sunday at noon will be the Lexican meetup at the Harp and Hound located at 4 Pearl Street in Mystic CT 06355.

If you’re going to be in the area I look forward to seeing you.

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Sequestration Air Show


The Blues won’t be flying in the Pensacola Beach Air Show this year.

They will be sitting this one out. It will be the Red, White, and No Blues Sequestration Air Show.

Do believe if you click it should embiggify. Cool T-shirt.

I tagged this one with buffoonery and idiots among us because we all know the who and why of it all. Maybe just Idiot among us.

Someone cut the tours of the White House and the Blue Angels schedule, then spent 60 to 100 millions of taxpayer dollars to see Africa up close and personal.

Comments? Discussion?


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OK, Just So We’re Clear About This…

There’s quite a bit of what passes for “conversation” about the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States going on right now.  Here’s what it says, verbatim:

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Of course, being ostensibly a nation of laws, there’s been a lot of parsing of its meaning over the years.

Of late, as emotions and overblown rhetoric have ramped up, and sadly been exploited by those who disagree on What Is To Be Done about these things, we have now resorted to what I consider the Corollary to Godwin’s Law: When all else fails, and you have already implied, either directly or indirectly, that your opponent in the “discussion” is a “Nazi,” play the trump card and imply or say directly, that their point of view is “racist.” Game over, you win.

See: Here.  And: Here.

So, there you have it: If you support the Second Amendment of the Constitution, you’re a racist.  If you support gun controls, you’re a racist. Unless, of course, you’re a person of color, in which case, you’re a racist.



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