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A new Ferrari and 4 sets of tires

There are people in this world that get to do fun things for a living. Like flying fast jets.

I never put fast cars in the same category but along comes this video.

This guy, Chris Harris, has gone beyond fun. Don’t know what to call it. Chris gets to go test drive a beast, 700 hp and more, and his video report is just too good. Go to full screen, turn up the volume, and wait for the good stuff at about 7:45 when he turns off all the automatic traction control.

He punches it in 4th gear at 86 in a full drift right hand turn and…comes out of the turn at 106.

Dang. The guy left me grinning.



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Ember Arriving!

Ember Celee when she was just minutes old

Ember Celee when she was just minutes old

My thanks go out to Glenn for posting Ember’s pic the day she was born 😀
My apologies go out to everyone for my absence, but I figured you’d understand 🙂

Cindy and I have been pretty busy.  Cindy’s been taking care of Ember and healing up from the C-Section while I’ve been busy working – especially since I found a steady job!  Everyone’s healthy and happy even if we are rather tired 😉

And yes, my perspective on many things and my understanding of some of Lex’s writings have changed a bit since 22 August 2012.

I should have a real internet connection at home soon, so I’ll be around much more often.  Have a great day, everyone!!!


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Okay, now that we’ve got that out of the way. Howz about…

…some Kitty pr0n? {sigh} No. Not that kind. Tomcat. F-14, one each. World’s best Fighter. Ever.

In addition to the slideshow, there’s also a video of the F-14D produced by VX-4 and the Grumman Corporation. Vandy 50 is the star of the show, and, along with Vandy 1 (the bunny jet) and Vandy 51, was a predominant player in the early days of the D model trials.

In dog years I know the Tomcat is an old design, but so are the rest of the Teen Fighters. To my dying day I’ll always believe the F-14 was retired long before its time, in part because the Fighter community was too slow to recognize the shift away from single mission platforms, and in part because the Whore-Nut Hornet mafia did a really good job prostituting selling themselves as the “way of the future” (insert Leo DeCaprio impersonation here). High maintenance man-hours can be engineered out of an airplane, so I won’t have that as an excuse to retire the platform; think Product Improvement Plan here.

At this point we’ll never know to what extent the Tomcat could have grown. Actually, some of us know. We’ll just never be able to prove it. Which just sucks. Ah well.

Damn Bugs!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

1990 VX-4 Evaluators F-14D Tomcat


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