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In Remembrance


Under the wide and starry sky,
Dig the grave and let me lie.
Glad did I live and gladly die,
And I laid me down with a will.

This be the verse you grave for me:
Here he lies where he longed to be;
Home is the sailor, home from the sea,
And the hunter home from the hill.

Requiem – Robert Louis Stevenson


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Arlington National Cemetery

Every year a non-profit organization, Wreaths Across America, decorates graves in Arlington National Cemetery. This year they’ve fallen short of their fund raising goal. You can read about it here.

To donate, follow the link in the article, or the first one given above.



Earlier I had mentioned over on Facebook that the deadline was the 1st of December, new information indicates that the deadline is now the 9th of December. They’re still short, you can read about that at Breitbart, there’s a video as well.

Update II:

The goal has been reached! You can read about it over at Breitbart.
Thanks to all who donated!

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Absent Friends…

To Lex

While it’s not exactly the design we settled on some months ago, that didn’t make the cut. Seems it was desired that all the bricks have a certain format, which makes perfect sense.

My daughter, The WSO, returned last week from Key West, survived the Hornet Ball Saturday night and finally had a chance to get out to the memorial today.

All in all, I think we honored our dear friend very nicely. I wish I could have been there for the dedication.

Next time I get out to Lemoore, I hope there is some grass growing near the memorial. I plan to bring a nickel or three…

To remember all of those fine men and women who went in harm’s way…

And didn’t make it home.


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A Guy You Need To Read

So I’ve been following this (relatively) new blog “I don’t know; ask the skipper.” Started up in February of this year.

The guy has a way with words. Lots of good material over there.

So I’ve added him to the Blogroll. When you get a chance, check it out. Tell him “the Sarge sent me,” or not.

I think Lex would have liked this guy. Definitely an “OK-3.”


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Aviator Memorial (Update #3)

Lemoore Aviator's Statue

NAS Lemoore Aviators Memorial Statue

The WSO provided this update over at Facebook. For you non-Facebook types, here’s what she had to say:

For those interested in the progress of the NAS Lemoore Aviators Memorial…The statue has been paid for and they are waiting on the completion before they ship it here. Below is a picture of the progress made so far…looking good!

As updates come in, I’ll pass them along.


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Aviator Memorial (Update #2)

In regards to the Aviator Memorial out at NAS Lemoore. My daughter (The WSO) got this information from LCDR Eric “Dook” Kenny, Safety/Admin Officer for VFA-14 (TOPHATTERS) regarding the brick size. And believe me, we’re getting the big one, final tally on the donations was $1258.25. Nice work folks!

To answer your questions, I’ve attached a picture of the demo brick the brick company sent us. This is the standard “small” brick that you can get for $250 or $500. The “large” brick is twice the size. I don’t have the measurements in front of me, but I believe the small brick is 8″ by 4″ and the large brick is 8″ by 8″. The amount of characters and lines can be adjusted depending on what you exactly want it to say, but for a small brick with no logo, we are recommending no more than 3 lines and 20characters per line (we can adjust that on a case by case basis). The less lines/characters the bigger the font can be. If you go with a $500 brick with a logo, we are recommending squadron logo on one half and something simple on the other half “VFA-2 Bullets” for example. If you go with a large brick, again we can really do whatever you want but logo and text lay out looks really good here (we could also do just a large squadron logo). So as you can tell just like TOPGUN, the answer to your question is: it depends. We are flexible and willing to ensure the brick encompasses what you envision. Bottom line is this is being organized by aircrew for aircrew so I will ensure everyone’s bricks look awesome.

– LCDR Kenny VFA-14

I think that’s it. Again, thanks to all of you. Once the memorial goes up, the pictures will be posted here. If I have to fly out to Lemoore to take them myself. And fly the Rhino sim again. And maybe get Big Time to give me a ride in the real thing…

Hey, I can dream, right?

"Normal" Size Brick

“Normal” Size Brick

The Design

The Design


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Aviator Memorial Update

Over the weekend we raised over $1000 towards this memorial at NAS Lemoore (about which I posted a couple of days ago).

So now we need to think about a logo and some words to place on Lex’s “brick” at the Memorial.

Over on Facebook, I have proposed the following –

Working 2

I based this logo on something I read at Lex’s place, namely this…

Finally there is the logo of “the Mighty Shrikes” of VFA-94, home based in Lemoore, California. I was the executive officer, and ultimately the commanding officer of this squadron. While I was commanding officer, we won the wing-wide strike fighter derby – I was immensely proud of my boys, and would have matched them against any squadron in the fleet, man to man. A blue collar bunch of get-it-done pilots that partied like rock stars in foreign ports. I had always considered myself no slouch in that category. Here I realized that not only was I no longer young, I was starting to get actually old. In an admin (where the 18 or so pilots share a hotel suite in foreign ports, sleeping where they can after the night’s amusements) in Hobart, Australia, I returned from a night of liberty in all the usually suspect places at 0400, thoroughly exhausted. over-served and jaded to discover I was the first one home. At 4 AM. What a non-hack.

I get the feeling Lex was pretty proud of those guys.

What say you?


Working 3 (Final)I’ve tweaked the design a bit. Please note that at the bottom, in italics, I’ve made the word “Friend” bigger. To symbolize that this was donated by his friends. (That would be us.) The ellipsis at the very end is to signify eternity. What Lex was to his family, his shipmates and his friends will never die. We shall all meet again…

(And Snake Eater, it also says “Poet” on his marker at Fort Rosecrans.)


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