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Lex Family Night Out – UPDATE

Just a quick update on the finances for the Lex Family Night Out.  According to FbL as of last night we have $1,100 in the pot just from PayPal donations.  And there are several checks on their way to her.

So a decision is being made on how to manage this much generosity.  The suggestion now is to give the family $1,000 and use the overage to purchase the paver at the Naval Aviation Museum.  That is pending…

The generosity of the Lexicans is truly amazing.  Wow.  Will keep everyone posted.

UPDATE @ 3:45pm EST:  deadline for getting money to FbL is this Thursday December 13. Whatever she has at that time will be used for the gift to Lex’s family.  FYI.

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Lex Family Night Out

UPDATE! The decision has been made – with deepest thanx to FbL for coordinating.

A live wreath and card explaining the entire gift along with a Visa (or AMEX) gift card so that the family can use it on the west coast or when they come east for their holiday with Lex’s family.

PayPal is the best way; send your payment to

Sierra Bravo Sierra Mike Uniform Sierra India Kilo At Yankee Alpha Hotel Oscar Oscar dot Charlie Oscar Mike

(with thanx to Bill Brandt for the suggestion to list the e-mail addy this way)

This is FbL’s Paypal account and according to an update from her yesterday – we are WAY above expectations so there is discussion about what to do with the surplus amount.  We may have enough to purchase a memorial paver in Lex’s name at the Naval Aviation Museum.  That’s still pending.

If you don’t want to use Paypal, please leave a comment below and I’ll see what I can do to connect you with FbL for snail-mail.


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Big Doings Afoot

For those of you not haunting the Nep Lex Memorial Page on Facebook there is going to be a collection taken up shortly – initiated by FbL – for a gift card for The Hobbit for Christmas.  FbL thought it would be OK for us to do this – saying that The Hobbit really does take great comfort in knowing that Lex is not forgotten and that they are all so loved.

The original idea was to send them out to dinner and perhaps get them something nice in the way of a Christmas decoration.  The general consensus seems to be settling on an AMEX or Visa gift card so that they family can go out wherever they want, with the card perhaps accompanied by said decoration.

Details still being worked out.  Will keep all posted here on the final plan.


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The Daily Lex – Veteran’s Day

Veteran’s Day 2011

Originally posted on November 11, 2011.  Have confirmed that all embedded links still work.


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Forward (heh)

I spent most of the day yesterday licking my emotional wounds over the injustice done to this country by the uninformed electorate who have consigned us to another 4 years of … goodness I don’t even know what to call it.  There just aren’t adequate words.

I am stunned that people wanted 4 more years of lies, rising unemployment, rising gas prices, reduced income and the promise of yet more failed leadership and cover-ups (Fast and Furious, Benghazi – just to name 2); they want 4 more years of appointments by executive fiat, of posturing and negativity.

One of my Facebook friends said yesterday that she really has high hopes that women will make as much as men during this administration.


I laughed out loud on that one.  Obama and his minions have had 4 years already to do that and here is how they handled it from the inside:

When all White House employees are considered, the Obama administration’s record dims a bit further. Female employees earn a median salary of $60,000, roughly 18 percent less than men, whose median salary is $71,000. [source]

And when presented with this inconvenient truth, her response was … predictable.  She just ignored it.  Because if she ignores it, surely it will go away – right?

It all made me wonder about the motivations for people to re-elect Obama despite the overwhelming evidence of his incompetence.  I know one friend who voted for him because of Obamacare.  Yet another so she woudn’t be seen as a racist.  Another because he’s a hippy-at-heart and while he is very sweet and not fashionable, I believe he wants to be “seen” as being ahead of the crowd.  And I have to believe the illustration above shows yet another because she believes Obama will level the “paying field” for women.

All of which brought me to a conclusion for myself: for the next 4 years I will no longer censor myself in conversations with friends about Obama’s record.  I will no longer just simply leave a conversation rather than get into the dicussion that may need to be had – for my own sake.

This past August I had a terrible confrontation with a now-former friend over the issue of gay marriage and the first amendment right to free speech exercised by Dan Cathy of Chick-fil-A.  I was accused of being a particular kind of heinous person and ugly things were said to me that don’t bear repeating and it all, ultimately, caused me to become very – quiet – on Facebook and even on my own blog.

I denied myself my own right to freedom of speech by simply silencing myself.  Lest I offend anyone else with my own beliefs; beliefs to which I am as entitled as everyone else is to theirs.  Beliefs I should be able to hold without fear of persecution, condemnation or recriminations.

Now that we are consigned to 4 more years of socialism masquerading as American politics, I will not be silent.  Every gaffe, every constitutional violation, every action on the part of Obama that causes the death of more innocent Americans … will be commented on by me.  I will read even more than I do now; I will seek out information and clarification before I utter one syllable.

I will do the same for any positive actions by this administration, though I suspect I know where most of my energy will be spent.

I will no longer muzzle myself because someone might object to my opinion.  I resolve to never resort to the favorite tool of the liberal – the ad-hominem attack.  I will deal with facts alone.

And it won’t be just on Facebook and on my blog.  It’s time to take it to the politicians.

It’s time for the populace to start speaking out for true political reform. Here are just 2 examples of what I’m talking about:

  • Term limits for Congress – if the president can’t serve more than 2 terms then why do members of Congress get to treat their jobs like lifetime appointments.
  • If Congress votes in a law then they should be subject to it as well (hello Obamacare).

It is time to hold their feet to the fire and remind them that all of them – Work. For. Us. It is long past time for us, their employers, to get them to do their fucking jobs.


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The Last Rose of Summer

This was mentioned in comments at TDL yesterday and I felt it deserved more attention.  Our beloved Marianne Matthews – has passed.  Reported by Maggie’s Farm this past Friday, it seems that Marianne died about a month ago.

Marianne was, so often at least to me, the heart & soul of the Lex Community.  She was incredibly well-educated at a time when women didn’t go to college; she held several high-powered jobs in publishing.  Her first fiance was killed in WWII and I don’t believe she ever shared more than that about him.  She never had children yet – she was a mother-figure to so many of us.

I had been exchanging emails with her in the months since we lost our Beloved Lex and the last note I had from her indicated she was having some health troubles.  She never specified what – which was like her of course.  And in that last e-mail she did, as always, talk about politics and her concerns for our country.

A patriot to the last.

Her husband – Downs – is 87 and now in a nursing home.

By all means, go to the link for Maggie’s Farm. They have an audio recording of a folk song that Marianne performed back in the 1950s – the title of which is the title of this post; I didn’t know this but she was quite a prominent folk singer in the 1940s/1950s.  I was listening to it as I typed this and her voice – so pure and sweet – told me she is with her Lord … and with Lex.

Raise your glasses to this great lady – for strength, for courage, for love.  I will raise a glass of Woodfords Reserve bourbon – which I know she would have done for Lex.

Godspeed Marianne.  You were a wondrous spirit to have known.


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Navel Gazing

At the risk of doing a little too much self-promotion, I thought I’d give an update on my recovery. For those that don’t know, I had a total hip replacement on September 17th – I am 5 weeks post-op.  My left hip now matches my right, which was replaced in 2009.

As of this past Monday I am officially discharged from needing any further P.T. – at-home or out-patient.  This. Is. Huge.

I am so far ahead of the game in terms of mobility that any further, formal physical therapy really won’t get me any further than I can get on my own.  I have all the exercises I need to do to continue to strengthen all the hip and thigh muscles.  The biggest prescription remains walking.

Indeed, my progress over the past few days has been so momentous that I am now climbing stairs – reciprocally!  Yup – one over the other rather than one at a time.  This is an enormous development and one that literally appeared overnight.  This past weekend I could barely do 2 stairs reciprocally; on Monday I did a flight of 12 stairs in my house … twice.

This is usually one of the final pieces of out-patient P.T. – it takes tremendous balance to go up or down this way.  You don’t realize how much until you have to try to do it after a hip replacement.  With my last hip replacement I was nearly into week 7 post-op before I attempted this and it was with guidance and lots of talking.  This time…I was ready, asked to do it and just – did it.

There really are no words to describe my elation.  It puts me 3 weeks ahead of the curve and released me from the obligation of out-patient P.T.

I have the aforementioned exercises to do – which I will be dedicated to for quite some time.  The key now is to build up my stamina.

Now that I’m driving – oh yes, it was a successful weekend with driving too – I can go out on my own whenever I want.  Which I tried yesterday and while it went well, 45 minutes in a shopping mall and I was exhausted.


It’s what will be for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


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The Daily Lex – October 24th

Wear Your Helmet

Just a reminder that it wasn’t always about planes…Lex had a great sense of humor.

Originally published October 24, 2011

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If a little worse for the wear.

Hip replacements really do take it out of you.  And this being my second one you’d have thought that maybe it would go … easier.  At least the surgeon insisted it would.

Con artist.

It’s been a bumpy road so far – this being Day 6 post-op.  I am up and moving about, not fully independent yet but getting there.  Taking meds as prescribed, doing my exercises as well, trying to rest and just let my body do what God intended it to do … heal by itself.

It is an amazing thing.  Last Monday I went into the hospital in pain; I have pain today but it’s not the kind I had going in and it will pass.

And all they had to do was replace the largest joint in my body in a 2 1/4 hour surgery.  Wondrous thing.


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184 days.

4,416 hours.

264,960 minutes.

Or six months without our Beloved Lex.

The Daily Lex has been wonderful (thank you Todd!) and it sometimes sends me down the rabbithole of reading other archives from him.  But…

…it’s not new material.  I miss his voice, his unique perspective on things.  Especially now during this election cycle.  The commentariat would certainly have had much to offer on what would surely have been an ever-widening array of posts on the subject.

And once again my thoughts turn to his family and I think – how selfish can I be, to feel the way I do when their pain and loss is so great, so profound.

But…we loved him.  In a different way  of course but – he left a gaping hole in so many lives for so many reasons. 

If nothing else, I hope the sure knowledge that literally hundreds of people continue to miss his voice and his presence, miss knowing that somehow the world continued to spin correctly on its axis while he was here – gives comfort to the Hobbit, Biscuit, Kat and SNO.

I know that he continues to fly with the angels, looking down on all of us, watching over his family, sure in the knowledge that he raised his children well and taught them all to be OK.


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