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Blue Angels Launching

Blue Angels Launching

Again, at FRG this past weekend. The Blue Angels diamond takes off.

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by | May 29, 2012 · 1:02 pm

Here Comes “Ernie”

This year the Blue Angels are using “Ernie” instead of “Fat Albert” as FA undergoes an overhaul or some such. Here’s Blue Angel #9 launching from FRG for the Jones Beach Air Show on Sunday.

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by | May 29, 2012 · 12:59 pm

Whisper Leading the Way

Whisper Leading the Way

For those of you not on Facebook, last week Whisper posted a note saying he’s be leading a 4 ship up the Hudson for the Parade of Ships. I took an early lunch and got to see them fly over. I didn’t have my camera since I didn’t know til the last minute, but a nice young lady standing by me sent this to me today.


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What does this administration have to do to get the Brits to sever ties to us? IIRC, in a conversation on Lex’s site I once asked, “Is it treason when you betray an ally?”

Wasn’t the whole Valery Plame affair about blowing the cover of a CIA operative who wasn’t under cover?

If I were the PM I’d have the US Ambassador on a plane home right about now and the Queen would be making a “It’s been nice knowing you but goodbye! speech.


by | May 15, 2012 · 7:17 am

Just to lighten up the mood after the last bit of news I shared I give you this little nugget. Enjoy! It made me giggle like a school girl but that may just be my peculiar sense of humor.


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This is Appalling

Good God! What kind of animal would do this? What kind of animal would “sexually assault” an 85 year old woman? Who can beat a 90 year old man so badly that he couldn’t eat or move around? To call him an animal is an injustice to animals.

I would quote Lex about finding the clearing at the end of the trail but it seems to me that’s more appropriate for a peaceful ending, not having to live the nightmare of watching your wife of 65 years beaten and raped.

I hope there’s special place in hell for this…creature.


by | May 8, 2012 · 11:23 am

These Kids Today!

 Don’t these kids know they are supposed to be slacking in Mom’s basement? Instead, a movie reference leads a couple of soldiers to design a new weapon? Good job. And good for the brass and R&D guys for recognizing a good idea they didn’t have.


by | May 4, 2012 · 7:37 pm

Not Aviation or Military or Current Events but Pretty Cool…

This guy took a picture of his daughter every week from birth until 12 then put the photos together in a time lapsed movie. It’s really kind of cool even though my link was kind of slow and the video ran a little choppy.

<a href=”; target=”_blank”>Lotte’s First Twelve Years!</a>



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Medal of Honor: Vietnam Edition

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Sabo was 22 when he died while trying to save fellow soldiers from a North Vietnamese ambush in May, 1970. Sabo distributed ammo and threw himself onto a wounded comrade to shield him from a grenade blast.

Sabo also charged an enemy position, drawing fire away from other U.S. soldiers, killing several enemy soldiers and forcing others to retreat.

Recognition comes far too late but at least it is coming. 22 years old! When I was that age I lost an older cousin and a High School friend, both cops killed on duty, ages 26 and 22. At the time I didn’t realize how young they/we were.



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You Think MAybe they Coulda Told Me Earlier So I Could Go?

It seems Blue Angels 1 & 7 were scouting routes along the Hudson to prep for the 200th Anniversary celebration of the War of 1812 during Fleet Week. AND NO ONE TOLD ME SO I COULD GO WATCH!

Blue Angels Scouting Routes


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