Posted by asm826 on October 21, 2006

Crossing the bridge, Bill and Tom stopped and looked up river. The water swirled around the bridge supports. The level was several feet higher than the day before. The smell was muted, the flushing effect of the increased flow had carried the floating islands of waste out into the bay.

“I still wouldn’t swim in it.”

“Oh, c’mon. It’s your last chance.”

Tom dug in his pocket and sidearmed a Piso upstream. It curved into the water edge first and disappeared without a splash.

“I wonder how much money has gone off this bridge.”

“Everybody does it. Figure every sailor and Marine tosses a handful, even if it’s mostly in Pisos, it’s still got to be more than a million dollars.”

They walked on. Tom was thinking about the number of sailors and Marines that had crossed that bridge. He felt an echo of all the excitement, a brightening of the senses. The evening had not yet begun. Anything was possible.

“So how much do you think has been spent on San Miguel?”

“This month? Last year? How about on one carrier visit? Think about having to calculate how much the fleet drank here last month.”

“No wonder the river is up.”

“Where are we headed?”

“The exchange at the next corner, so we have some Piso-nality. Then any bar you like. I want rock and roll.”

Tom changed thirty dollars into Pisos. He counted out the brightly colored notes, handed a folded stack to Bill, then separated his bills into two handfuls and pushed them into the front pockets of his jeans. Bill tried to hand the money back.

Tom shook his head, “It’s yours. Call it found money. It’s just Pisos. If I get pickpocketed, we won’t be broke. Now, live band, beer, food.”

The band was playing a set as they came into the club. Bill pointed at an open table close to the stage. They wove their way to the table and sat down. A waitress appeared, dressed in a knit bikini.

Tom had to shout to be heard over the overdriven speakers, “San Miguel.”

The waitress held up two fingers with a questioning look. They both nodded and she turned for the bar. Tom leaned back and looked around. He had never been in this club, but it was the same as every other. Girls danced on small stages, taking turns as the songs changed. A group of girls sat near the bar, chatting and watching the scene.

The band played a set of American rock songs from the late ‘60s. The last song in the set was a fair rendition of the Rolling Stones “Satisfaction”. As the song ended and the band left the stage, the jukebox took over. The sound level was more manageable and conversation resumed. Two girls came over and joined them at the table, trying to hustle them for drinks. Another round of beer was ordered.

Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’” played from the jukebox.

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