COVID-19 and Employment

I just had an interesting experience today. I’ve seen it in regards to others, but this is the first time that it hit me. I managed to hit a traffic cone in the middle of a freeway onramp a few weeks ago, and decided to pay for the damage out of pocket. I knew of this body shop 50 miles south, in Stockton. Over the years they had done some things for various cars of mine – I believe I came to know them through their affiliation (at the time) of the Stockton Mercedes-Benz dealer.

When I got my SL 8 years ago, they fixed a tear in the front bumper that, had they had to order a new bumper cover, would have been thousands of dollars.

Anyway, they do good work and they cost less than the shops here, so for me is is worth the 50 mile drive.

The last time I used them for the SL, they took off the bumper and let me drive the car back. I’d show you a picture as the car looked almost nekkid without the front bumper, but we are running out of space.

I figured this time to get back after leaving the car, I’ll either take the Greyhound bus or call Uber. Well, this was an eye-opener. The Uber app stated that there were no drivers available.

Luxury cars, simple cars…nada.

Apparently they are all collecting unemployment.

And the only Greyhound bus was not leaving until 1700 and BTW, they closed the nearest terminal.

Fortunately a friend was able to drive down and pick me up. I told her that I am now indebted to her for the rest of my life.

The German restaurant that I frequent weekly has had a time too. I know the owner, and she has worked hard for the last 3 years trying to make a success of it. Even had a German TV crew fly out and document this little place.

Between forced closures (take-out only!), spending thousands for a tent (which never made sense to me but this is California, after all. You can’t eat inside the restaurant but you can eat inside a tent).

Anyway, it has been a trial and lesser people would have quit.

Now she is having to limit her hours because she can’t find people willing to work.

Same with this oral surgeon I visited last week. He has been trying to find a medical receptionist. He told me that he used to require 3 years experience. Now he is down to advertising no experience necessary – will train, and he has had one applicant.

Same with the body shop. Good thing I don’t need the car in a hurry.

I’d venture to say a huge percentage of these people in Congress have had no experience running a business.

It is certainly evident.

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