Now that it has been over 9 years since Lex was taken from us I have felt ready to read his multipart posting of “Rhythms”, a story of life on a carrier.

It is a very well written description of that life, and holds your attention. I could not put it down until I finished it. I wish that he had published it. You learn quite a bit about life aboard a carrier and the various ratings and their tasks. We are fortunate to have such people protecting this nation

I have come to firmly believe that parts of Rhythms are autobiographical. Lex never names the carrier in Rhythms, but he gives a strong hint at the end when he describes the carrier’s pennant. It is the Gadsden “don’t tread on me” snake against a background of red and white horizontal stripes. That pennant is the oldest of the US Navy and is allowed to be flown only on designated ships — those that have the longest record of duty. A limited number of carriers flew it, and one is the Kitty Hawk, a carrier that Lex had written posts about (using a nastier name, since the carrier was so old).

Lex also had been an XO and flown in the Iraq war. He had been a Top Gun instructor. There is a character that he describes (posting in Oct 2005) leading a two-ship that takes out a time-critical target with a JDAM. The target was identified by someone going by the code name “Assassin” who was in close proximity to the target. Later on he quotes a “Sgt B” letter of thanks to another two-ship that rescued his marine group from a serious ambush (that he had listened in on). The XO is Lex, body and soul.

I hope that those who log in are able to read Rhythms. It is well worth your time.


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8 responses to “Rhythms

  1. Independent publishing under Amazon has taken off since the novella was shopped to USNI. They have clearly dropped the ball.

    Hobbit should be updated with that info.

    P.S. Thank you for keeping the blog up. I regularly send people here. Pilots, especially. Lex in Finland is a top favorite of mine.

  2. Edward –

    At one time I thought that the family was going to publish it. AFAIK it is only in the Wayback Machine for those interested. Over at MeWe a Lexican is republishing weekly installments…The group name is The Lexican Divert

    I have it all pasted in Word Format on my desktop but have done nothing with it – feeling that it is up to the family as to what to do. But it would be easy to set up a sub section – like the index here, showing all of the chapters.

    I have felt that many of his characters are himself at various stages in his career.

    • Bill, I have Rhythms in several Word files as well.

      One other thing I have is a file of bookmarks of my notable posts to the Neptunus Lex blog.

      Would this help with the wayback machine? Because I have bookmarks to posts that are missing.

  3. NaCly Dog – having gone through advokaat’s archives twice and then 2 passes through the Wayback Machine, I think we got about 80% – or more – of Lex’s posts. at the 2nd pass of each I was reposting even little posts of his – we now have over 4,000. On the Wayback Machine, I would be reminded occasionally of a missing, unobtainable post when Lex linked to it and it wasn’t there (in the Wayback Machine).

    And the reason it wouldn’t be there was the sporadic visits by the WB machine – we had a few days where it came 5x in a day to NeptunusLex.com, and then times when it never came for a month – or more!

    One notable one I know we are missing is his homage to Ulysses, where he linked to dozens of his own posts.

    As far as Rythyms, I had gone though it, made a few – very few – editorial changes – in one instance I knew a paragraph should have been moved down below another paragraph – a tiny number of typos, and thought a book would be forthcoming. My suggestion was that since Lex used a lot of Navy-specific jargon, perhaps a glossary at the back would help the landlubber. Just a suggestion.

    But nothing came of it. And while someone in a past search of the Net a year ago or so took it upon himself to put his (Rythyms) chapters on his blog (which I thought took a bit of chutzpah), I felt it wasn’t my place to do this here without permission.

    And the thing IMO that really prevents this from being published is that … it is already out there. Lex posted it daily himself already.

    One thing that really impressed me about Lex was how thorough he was in proofreading his own work. I look at some of the stuff I posted – even a year later – and see typos, but with Lex, very little.

    Anyway if it wasn’t going to be published, I thought it would be nice to put it here under its own index (which would be the “book” that linked to each chapter.

    If you have a list of the blog post titles, I’d be glad to go through them and see if you have any we are missing – I got to the point where I pretty much now what I put in!

  4. Edward

    I too have been directing people to The Lexicans whenever I encounter someone who I believe would be interested. Especially ex–USN
    Bill, I have the complete Rhythms saved as PDF. If you would like it to check if it contains anything you are missing, send me an Email that I can respond to. The PDF attachment would be 1.1MB in size.

  5. I got Rhythms off the wayback machine, months ago and it was incomplete.

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