Used Car Bleg

By lex, on October 27th, 2011

So, it’s been a while since the Eldest Daughter totaled her last vehicle. And we’re in the market for a replacement. Which don’t get me started. But elsewise how does she get to work? Is the argument.

Our budget is around $10k, give or take, so we’re obviously in the used car hunt. Maybe go as high as $15K for the right vehicle. It would have to be economical to own and operate, ideally less than 100,000 miles on the body and engine. Automatic transmission required, ABS brakes and air bags essential, strong safety ratings a plus. Doesn’t need to go fast, doesn’t need to be flashy. Flashy she can buy for herself, some day.

Been looking at mid-2000 series Honda Accords. Have also started to look at same vintage Toyota Prius(es). I’ve never looked at owning a hybrid before, since I personally luxuriate in 8-cylinder engines. But ED is in a slightly different place financially than is your correspondent, and the idea of long gaps between gas station stops is potentially compelling.

I seem to recall having heard/read about occasionally surprising maintenance costs, and think I once heard something about useful battery life, etc.

You’re a pretty savvy group when it comes to such: Recommendations?

Doesn’t have to be a specific VIN, but would like to hear your thoughts on make and model.

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