A Comment from Cookie Santiago

Cookie Santiago Says:

August 18th, 2006 at 11:25 pm


Thank you for your words of comfort…so timely, as tonight has been the worst of all in the past 2 1/2 weeks since Diego left us.

I desperately desire genuine prayers for my family. We are in terrible pain…struggling to find our “place” and our way back to “family.” It’s centered around cancer for so long that we struggle to adjust to the absence of Diego and all that has surrounded us because of this illness.

I can’t describe this ache and emptiness…but, I do know that we’re not alone. I choose to believe that God is with us and loving us through this, although we question the amount of anguish that has been permitted to fall upon us…our marriage…our children.

I’m so deeply moved by the response from this web-family. Thank you…there is comfort and strength in being surrounded with love, prayers, and support. I am struggling to hold on to hope…I’ll have to rely on matters of “faith” and “trust” and “believing.”

(Diego’s mom: www.carepgaes.com / DiegoLand)

Taken from Lex’s old website, neptunuslex. Linked from his post/ – Ed

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