Reba’s Most Excellent Adventure

Once upon a time, 3 sisters were born. Since they were all redheads, they were given the names of some famous red-headed country-music stars,  Reba McEntire, Wynonna Judd and Patty Loveless.

They quickly became part of the family.

While redheads in general are pretty rare – these sisters were destined to become redheads.

They were Rhode Island Reds.

As in chickens.

A day or so ago, Reba disappeared from the family ranch in Texas.

The frantic patriarch, Justin Matthews, figured she had been hit by a car or even worse, kidnapped.

Then, because this is the digital age, he checked the video from his doorbell and discovered something a bit surprising.

Apparently, an Instacart driver making a delivery to the Matthew’s house left his trunk open, and young Reba, ever curious, jumped in to become a stowaway.

And Reba went hither and yon.

She actually went hither to Del Rio, over 150 miles away from her home in San Antonio. And Yon back to a Costco parking lot in San Antonio where the driver, opening his trunk, was surprised to see a chicken fly out.

He thought it was a prank, so just let Reba wander around the Costco parking lot.

Until a passerby, seeing Justin’s plea on Facebook, picked up Reba (ever try to pick up a running chicken?), to reunite Reba with her sisters at the Matthews household.

Turns out the bird rescuers were sisters Susan Almarez and Zobeida Perry. They’d come to Costco to outfit the new home Perry and her husband, John, had bought near the University of Texas at San Antonio.

“We were looking for a parking spot when we saw this chicken walking around,” Almarez said. “We were worried she’d get run over, so we stopped to try and catch her.”

Once they did, they wrapped the bird snugly in a towel and took it back to Perry’s new home, where they put her in a cage usually used for bunnies.

“We were laughing the whole time,” Almarez said. “Who goes to Costco and comes home with a live chicken?”

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