Dead Like Me

It was said in the early 2000s that we were in the golden age of television. At last on the cable channels. Not the big screen, not the networks, but on shows like HBO, Showtime…

If you were a screenwriter, the place to be was here.

Not wanting to spend $150/month out here to get those channels, they passed me by.

But, the good thing is that many of these shows are now available to stream.

I’ve seen shows like Dexter (about a sympathetic serial killer, if you can believe that!), Deadwood, The Sopranos, Breaking Bad (Lex reviewed this I believe), and now…Dead Like Me.

I started watching this with hesitation. After all, what’s funny about death? Well, the series starts when the main character, an 18 year old girl named Georgia “George” Lass, dies by getting hit by a toilet seat of the re-entering Russian Mir Space Station.



She becomes a “Grim Reaper” – helping the souls of those dying to get to the Afterlife.

They are still here on earth physically, but their appearance has changed from their earthly time.

Every morning, she and the other Reapers get assignments from their boss (played by Mandy Patinkin) – at the Waffle House! –  on – get this – Post-it notes. These show the name of the person who will die and the time. The Reaper’s job is to be there when it happens and help their soul leave their body and go to the Afterlife.

All kinds of themes are shown – what happens if you try to change fate?

I love their choice of music – in one scene where George is talking about fate – we are hearing this soundtrack –


It’s only 2 seasons, but I am enjoying the ride.


Currently available on Amazon Prime.


04/21/20  Since I wrote this, I learned that the creator, Bryan Fuller, left after only 5 episodes over “creative differences”.  And yesterday I came across this article that talks about that split, and thinks a revival should be made of the series. It lasted only 2 seasons, and its departure had nothing to do with ratings. Showtime was happy with it.

I think it was a good series, and despite the issues presented, good scripts for the most part.

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