An Elizabeth Taylor Story

So there I was sitting at the bar in Marfa, Texas at the Hotel Paisano.

This hotel exudes tradition.

Naturally I asked for a Guinness but there was none to be had.

However there was a nice Texas stout – the name of which escapes me.

Marfa, Texas is known as being the shooting location of more than one film.

I believe No Country for Old Men was just the latest.

Probably the most famous movie ever to be filmed in the area was Giant, starring Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor, and James Dean.

It’s about a prominent Texas rancher who falls in love with a woman whose family has a Virginia horse farm. They married and the woman comes out to Texas.

James Dean is the poor ranch hand.

I suppose saying anymore would bring spoilers so I’ll leave it at that but it is a Texas sized story. 

Dean would never see this picture on screen as he had his accident shortly after filming was complete. In fact to do some touch up work they had to use someone to dub his voice.

I wrote about his accident sometime ago here.

So anyway, I am enjoying my Texas stout, and the bartender is gesturing to the tables at the adjacent dining room saying Elizabeth Taylor would take her meals here.

Elizabeth was having lunch when a little girl approached her table and asked for an autograph.

“I am sorry, but I’m having lunch right now”, Elizabeth told the girl.

The girl went back to her table and with her parents, ordered lunch.

Sometime later, Taylor finished her lunch and went over to the girl’s table and offered her autograph.

“I’m sorry”, the girl said, “but I’m having lunch right now.”


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