What Really Brought Down the Boeing 737 Max

This article is a long read and in case you haven’t seen it, worthwhile if you really want to know what brought these down.

The Cliff Notes version?

“Malfunctions caused two deadly crashes. But an industry that puts unprepared pilots in the cockpit is just as guilty.” 

This was sent to me by someone I’ve known a long time, a retired Air Force test pilot. He believes that this problem is only going to get worse, and chooses to fly on only a few airlines.

I have a good friend who bought his dream car a few weeks ago – and has discovered that it is so heavily invested in electronics and “driver aids” – he is starting to hate it. He calls his car “the beast“.

He almost rear-ended someone thinking his cruise control – with a forward radar that keeps the distance of the car ahead of you – was on.

Point is with that car and this issue, when we depend too much on electronic aids – use them as a crutch instead of an assist – we can get into trouble when the electronics fails.

As an aside, this author knows flying. In addition to his own credentials, his father wrote the classic book on piloting.

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  1. Jonathan

    I’ve know that was the case for this, and many other accidents, since they happened.
    Given that, I’m surprised how much Boeing has been pounded in the US, even by Trump.
    It has been little noted that for several years, airline accidents have been almost exclusively among more or less ‘third world’ airlines. They don’t fly the plane – they fly the computer, and don’t know what to do when they can’t.
    Those airlines are often from countries with a tradition of not questioning the senior officer, meaning that his mistakes won’t be questioned by his (and it’s ALWAYS a guy) crew, if they even catch them in the first place.
    To find a major Western airline with a fatal accident, you have to go back to Air France in 2009, where Airbus cockpit design played a major role.

    There are good discussion of many recent, and not so recent, accidents by Sylvia over at http://www.fearoflanding.com

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