Oktoberfest in Rocklin

Oktoberfest in Rocklin

Over a year ago, a German friend and I discovered a genuine German Beer Garden in, of all places, suburban Sacramento. It is in a strip mall down the street from the Rocklin Mercedes-Benz dealer.

The owner, Katherin, has been open 2 years and has been working her hardest for it to succeed. She has been working doing things that people who have never had a small business can’t understand. Chef quits suddenly? She takes over the cooking duties. Dishwasher sick? She washes the dishes.

She has spent some long hours at times to make this a success.

I have been to some great German restaurants in this country – certainly the Berghoff in downtown Chicago. A couple of years ago during my drive on the Oregon Coast, I found a wonderful restaurant in of all places, Coos Bay.

But no place I have seen has the beer selection Katherin has. Even in Germany although I am sure they exist there. She must have 30-40 different German beers. She was incredulous when a driver hauling Bud Lite stopped at her place thinking that was the delivery point.

No Bud Lite at Katherin’s.

She has even made trips to Germany visiting the brewers to help decide what to offer in Rocklin.

Oktoberfest in Rocklin1

Katherin as Hostess

As you probably know, Germans take their beer seriously. Even various monks at monasteries. One monastery has been brewing beer for 1,000 years.

She even had a TV crew fly in from Germany to do a piece on her restaurant a few months ago.

So anyway this weekend she celebrated Oktoberfest in Rocklin. There were 100s of cars on the lot and people who didn’t buy tickets beforehand were disappointed and turned away.

Besides the great beer, I lived up to my Army nickname of “Bratwurst”.

Great company, great music, great time.

I’d like to think Lex would have enjoyed it here.

I wish Katherin success!

Zum wohl! 


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