An Understatement

Lately, I have been making daily rounds for someone to an “assisted living center”. At the elevator, I met an old man, hunched over with his walker, on his way to the dining room for dinner.

He was wearing a hat – 101st Airborne – Purple Heart – combat wounded.

I’m thinking – wow.

Screaming Eagles.

Band of Brothers.

The following short conversation ensued, with deference to Lex:

YHC = Your Humble Correspondent

YHC: – “Thank you for your service”.

101st: (seeing my Army Air Defense Artillery Hat) – “Thank you for your service”.

YHC: – (Thinking some have given more than others in their service) –  “I’ll bet the Germany you saw was a bit different from the Germany I saw in the early 70s”

101st: “Yeah, in 1944 they really didn’t want us around”.



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5 responses to “An Understatement

  1. Edward

    Good one Bill,
    You may recall Bill Whittle of the blog Eject, Eject, Eject.
    He has a fabulously funny address at the AFA conference

    Well worth watching — it is extremely funny and gives us hope.
    Bless you, and all the Lexicans.

  2. JefftheBobcat

    Thanks for posting your stories. I enjoy reading your posts and seeing your pictures!

    Jeff the Bobcat

    • You are welcome Jeff! I enjoy telling them and showing you the pictures.

      I thought how much in life we see is interesting.

      We are rapidly running out of room here for the pictures so I’ll probably have to start up another website

      Plenty of room left for text, though.

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  4. The last line reminds of a conversation between a US airline pilot and one of the controllers at Frankfort. The US pilot was having a hard time and the controller, testy at the best of times (that’s the Frankfort controller’s rep) asked if he had ever been to Frankfort. “Yes” the pilot said. “Back in 1944, but I didn’t stop.”

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