Sailing Zatara II

Since I first discovered this on YouTube (thanks to xbradtc who mentioned it), I have watched several episodes every night. If you are interested in the adventures of a Dallas family who decided to buy a 55′ sail boat in Florida and sail around the world with their 4 children, you can go with them vicariously and see the world.

While I am now watching Episode 56, what prompted me to post this is my amazement  at how much influence one can have in the world with a very minimal investment in technology.

Indeed, I am posting this to a site that with this minimal WordPress plan is free. While I certainly haven’t accrued the world wide audience that this family has accrued, I have nevertheless been surprised at the interest some of my pictures have generated around the world. Not a lot every night, but a bit consistently.

It is a subtle reminder that most of my pictures are considered “history” by a younger generation.

Anyway, what has also impressed me about this Zatara series is the quality of the filming.

With so many YouTube videos, particularity ones I have sought helping me repair a part on my car – the filming is haphazard, shaky, and most aggravating of all, skips certain steps at times.

Obviously not all is like that and to be specific certain individuals are known for quality and others…

But back to Zatara.

I am getting the impression that while learning to sail was the husband Keith’s passion (and apparently sail rather well to navigate from Florida to Australia), taking good video was the passion of his wife, Renee. I would consider her video to be professional quality.

If I understood them correctly, they originally started putting their trip to video to show friends and family back home, and keep a log.

They put it on YouTube and along the way managed to accrue a large world wide audience.

Besides the thoroughness Renee puts into editing (important!), every episode starts with an introduction of the family, and a recap of the last episode.

And the amazing thing?  All this with a few GoPro cameras at several hundred dollars apiece, and a small drone for some spectacular aerial shots of the coastline and the boat.

For an investment of probably less than $2000-$3000 (and a lot of work editing and shooting) they accrued a large worldwide audience.

Amazing times we are in.

Now, in one recent episode Keith is talking about his new boat and introducing a number of nautical terms I didn’t know.

My favorite is “sugar scoop”. He kept talking about them.

Gotta find out what that is on a sail boat.

Here’s the first episode:



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