Passive Aggression?

California’s Highway 1 is one of my favorite roads.

Absolutely spectacular scenery with generally the mountains or a cliff on one side and the ocean on the other.

This is whether you are in San Simeon on the Central Coast or hundreds of miles to the north above Mendocino.

But every time I’ve been on it and I’ve run into a bad side.

I wanted to use the term “Ying and Yang “, but according to the definition while they are opposites they are both good.

And one side is definitely not good.

Every time I have been on 1 no matter where in this state I occasionally encounter drivers who feel they can go as slow as they want with cars backed up behind them.

Today I found myself behind a Dodge pick up truck with Wyoming plates who rarely went over 30 miles an hour.

While tapping the brakes every 20 seconds.

Uphill and downhill.

With a double yellow line – no passing – for 20 or 30 miles.

He must have passed over 20 turn offs.

Which as the signs say on the road say you’re supposed to use if there is traffic behind you.

99% of our drivers, including myself, use them.

But this guy refused to use them and could not have cared less of the cars stacking up behind him.

I did have to laugh about one thing.

Years ago this would’ve driven me nuts with my blood pressure going off the chart.

Now I just took it in stride.

I guess that’s a sign of progress.

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