It’s just not funny

This morning, I am engaged in my regular routine and head over to Chicago Boyz. David Foster has a thought-provoking post on humor and sanity.

Comes now Claire Lehmann, tweeting:  “In clinical psychology you learn that the loss of a sense of humour can indicate deterioration in mental health.”  I’d assert that this is probably also true of entire organizations and entire societies.

I remember reading an article recently on how “political correctness” is ruining comedy. Under pressure to nightclub owners from various groups, some comedians have lost their gigs that were deemed “offensive”. You have to toe the line in giving approved “comedy”.

Wonder where Lenny Bruce would fit in today? Or George Carlin?

Give me the comedian who finds light humor through the political spectrum. That don’t take themselves too seriously. Whose humor isn’t caustic.

They are few and far between.

There’s certainly enough material there.

How I miss Johnny Carson. He has some good advice on how his Tonight Show became the Gold Standard for late-night TV.

Here, Jerry Seinfeld takes on “political correctness” and comedy.

I think Lehmann and Foster are on to something.

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