An Unwanted Guest

After nearly 7 years, and a change in government in Ecuador, apparently Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has worn out his welcome.

“We aren’t going to allow Ecuador to be turned into a center for hacking,” she said. “And we can’t allow illegal activities developed in the country to harm citizens from Ecuador or other countries or any government.”, said Ecuador’s  Interior Minister,  María Paula Romo.

Ecuador’s diplomatic protection of Julian Assange once allowed the small Andean nation’s leftist government to antagonize its U.S. foe and argue that it was defending free speech, while cracking down on the press at home.

But after seven years and a new government, that relationship frayed, as President Lenín Moreno sought to improve Ecuador’s relations with the U.S.

After calling the WikiLeaks founder an “inherited problem,” Mr. Moreno on Thursday revoked Mr. Assange’s asylum, allowing his arrest. Officials described him as an intolerable tenant at its London embassy, accusing him of blocking security cameras, mistreating guards and once spreading feces on the walls.

“The patience of Ecuador has reached its limit,” Mr. Moreno said.


An Army Pfc., Bradley “Chelsea” Manning, downloaded and leaked to Wikileaks 750,000 military documents and diplomatic cables, likely causing the deaths of army officers, intelligence agents, foreign contacts and translators.

He was pardoned by President Barack Obama after serving 7 years of a 35 year sentence.

Admittedly it has been over a generation since I was in the military, but secrets have always been revealed on a need to know basis.  A clearance doesn’t allow anyone to view anything with that classification; only that which is necessary in the performance of his duties.

I think I can pretty much guarantee that before D-Day even some Army Generals and Navy Admirals didn’t know the specifics, and were told only when it was necessary.

I’ve never understood  how an Army Pfc had so much access to so much, and consequently did untold damage?

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One response to “An Unwanted Guest

  1. mcthag

    I was a PFC with complete and unfettered access to a vault more than once.

    Sometimes they want to turn you loose and see what you’ll figure out on your own without restrictions in your way.

    Notice what I am not mentioning here? The contents and locations of those vaults.

    Access is just one part of the clearance, keeping your fool mouth shut about what you’ve seen is another.

    I say this as someone who’s had the FBI interview me over something I’d signed for once getting out in the world. Wasn’t me, but because I’d signed for it… that made me, if not a suspect, a person of interest. They never called back, so I assume they got the person who did it.

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