Lá Fhéile Pádraig

Posted by Lex, on March 17th, 2008

I hope you’re wearing the green and preparing to drink of the brown once the sun goes over the yardarm. Somewhere. Because it’s Saint Patrick’s Day precious and we are all, all of us Irish today.

Our quotidian labors being done – sufficient to the day the evils thereof – herself and  your correspondent have every intention of taking the trolley into the Gaslamp this e’en for to partake of the festivities:

This year’s musical block party at Sixth and Market streets has Irish rock legends the Young Dubliners, DJ Marc Thrasher, DJ Brent Bartel, local Celtic bands, and traditional Irish dancers.

And I know what you’re asking yourself, constant reader: You’re wondering whether it might be possible to buy your humble scribe a Guinness on this most sacred day of the season.

The answer is yes. Yes of course you can.

Update: Thought for the day – “Work is the curse of the drinking class.”

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