Before I left for San Diego last week, I learned that one of the Lexicans has a son who was to graduate at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego. A couple of us Lexicans wanted to meet him there.

I had always seen the entrance there at the base of Washington Street – right next to Lindbergh Field. It appeared like it gained entrance to a small facility.


I thought it looked strange to see a parked 757 literally feet from the fence.

And I thought that there would be 100-200 parents and family that would be in bleachers like a Little League game. That the Lexican would be easy to find.

After going through a thorough search, Marine Corps style (no pictures were allowed) I gained entrance and was I in for a surprise.

The bleachers, nearly full, were more befitting of a small stadium.

The parade ground alone could be used as a runway!

And when I saw the “bleachers” and how full they were, it was obvious that I would be watching this ceremony by myself.

It looked like there were a thousand or 2 Marines all standing out there at parade rest, but I learned later that there were 488 graduates.

I have always felt that a pass in review, with all of the soldiers or Marines in perfect harmony and precision, is a thing of beauty to watch, and they did not disappoint.

Anyway, congratulations after that long road to becoming a Marine.




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3 responses to “MCRD

  1. Jake Snyder

    Leaving a comment here to make sure I don’t miss out on a future gathering.

    I read Lex’s works growing up. He was, and still is a digital mentor to me.

    Semper fly

    • Bill Brandt

      Jake Best thing to do is to join us on that Facebook group.

      The only reason I joined it was to get with the group.

      If you’d like to join it just email me at facebook at wlbrandt dot com.

      Have you seen all of Lex’s postings here?

      They are back up and I would start with the main index right at the homepage.

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