By lex, on June 8th, 2010

North Korea torpedoes a South Korean corvette in a clear act of war and all the world stand’s a-tiptoe, hoping not to offend the nuclear armed nuthouse. Israel enforces a blockade against an existential foe and is drawn reluctantly into a confrontation with agents provocateurs, leaving nine of them as “martyrs” to their cause, and all the world is in uproar.

Two naval confrontations with antipodal moral justifications, but it is perversely Israel that feels the wrath of the “world community” while the UN tugs its beard over the murderous actions of the odious Kim Chong Il regime, promising to think on the matter further.

What’s going on here?

It’s all about who your friends are, according to Frank Gaffney:**

Principally it reflects the fact that North Korea has as its greatest friend Communist China, while Pyongyang considers the United States to be its main enemy. Beijing does not want the UN (or, for that matter, anybody else) challenging or otherwise calling into question the legitimacy of its ally’s actions. The United States has no intention of upsetting the PRC – what with all the “help” Team Obama keeps hoping the Chinese will provide on sanctions on Iran, trade, currency revaluation, the “Six-Party talks,” etc., etc.

By contrast, Israel has traditionally had but one powerful friend: the United States. This alliance has been all the more important since most of the rest of the world is at least somewhat, if not actually rabidly, hostile towards the Jewish State. Under President Obama, however, Israel seems to have in the U.S. a friend in name only. American diplomacy did nothing to prevent passage of the Security Council’s condemnatory resolution, focusing instead on making UN’s criticism of the Jewish State a tad more oblique.

It goes on; friendly nations given the cold shoulder, adversaries coddled. It goes on to such an extent that it is psychologically revealing – this is the sort of policy a government adopts when it deeply doubts the rectitude of its own people and breaks with their historic policies. When it concedes the point that the nation’s foes may not only have a good point here or there, but are principally correct on balance when they stand at daggers drawn with us. It’s a product of the long Gramscian March through the institutions that demolished the useful myth of the “shining city on a hill” in favor of a pernicious, but even more preposterous myth of enduring racism and class-based exploitation presented with no historical, contextual back drop.

Having swallowed the poison whole, it comes down to this: “No better enemy, no worse friend.”

**  10-04-2018 Original link gone; replacement found – Ed.

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