By lex, on January 20th, 2012

Which it’s been a bit of a long walk to a small house, not that I terribly mind the ferrying of a jet from Point Mugu to NAS Fallon. But having once arrived, I was thrice scheduled to go and do my bit against the imperialist warlord running dog lackeys of Carrier Air Wing 7, and each time cancelled. For weather, chiefly.  That being the time of year for it here in the high desert, and don’t let the folks from the Pac Northwest hear you grumble, for it’s a terrible beating they’ve been taking.

So! In the best traditions of the service, you are hereby invited and desired to make the best of this space for any such article of news that sparks your interest for discussion, so long of course as it conforms to the customs of the house.

To help you get started here’s this NYT article about why our Afghan “allies” cannot help but murder us:

“What you have here are two very different cultures with different values,” he said in a telephone interview. “They treat each other with contempt.”

The United States soldier was killed this month when an Afghan soldier opened fire on Americans playing volleyball at a base in the southern province of Zabul. The assailant was quickly gunned down. The deadliest single incident came last April when an Afghan Air Force colonel, Ahmed Gul, killed eight unsuspecting American officers and a contractor with shots to the head inside their headquarters.

He then killed himself after writing “God in your name” and “God is one” in blood on the walls of the base, according to an Air Force investigation of the incident released this week.

In a 436-page report, the Air Force investigators said the initial coalition explanation for the attack — stress brought on by financial problems — was only a small part of Colonel Gul’s motivation. His primary motive was hatred of the United States, and he planned the attack to kill as many Americans as possible, the investigators said.

According to the holy Kuran, killing the kufr is no sin, I’m told, so long as you don’t enjoy it.

And! Everyone seems to ascribe the relatively high death-by-car-bombing rate of Iranian nuclear scientists to The Zionist Entity. Michael Ledeen offers a plausible counter argument:

Let’s go back to basics:  who could operate in the midst of the armed camp that is Tehran, and might also have a motive for killing these five unfortunate souls?  There’s a lot of killing in Iran, and the overwhelming majority of murders are carried out by the regime, and the victims are Iranian citizens from all walks of life.  From this standpoint, the regime is the most likely perpetrator. Regime killers could also operate freely throughout the capital, and that also “explains” why there were never calls for information about the assassins.  Why ask, when you know their identities, and approved the operation?

What about motive?  Look at the last case.  What does the regime say about the victim?  That he spoke to IAEA investigators (I’m told that the conversation took place outside Iran).  The regime doesn’t like that at all, they are very suspicious of their own people (and rightly so!), put very stringent limitations on foreign travel, and monitor the communications of everyone involved in important activities like weapons programs.  In the padded cell of paranoiacs around the supreme leader, strong suspicion of disloyalty is probably enough to get a person on one hit list or another, and the regime has every reason to “send a message” to others involved in such activities:  one false step and you’re dead.

After reading the whole thing (which y’orta do) I dunno, myself.

I reckon you don’t either.

Happy trails, comrades. I’ll see yez on the other side.

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