Cause and effect


By lex, on July 4th, 2008

The UK media have a wonderful genius for understatement. I particularly remember a memorial to the pianist Liberace, in which the author noted with deadpan grace that “Mr. Liberace never married.”

Thus the conclusion to the complaint of UK MP Shahid Malik that Muslims in Britain feel like “the jews of Europe.”

Shahid Malik, the UK’s first Muslim minister, said it has become legitimate to target Muslims in the media and society in a way that would be unacceptable for any other minority.

The MP for Dewsbury, West Yorks, said many British Muslims now feel like “aliens in their own country” as society turns a “blind eye” to their persecution.

Mr Malik, a minister in the Department for International Development, said this has the negative effects of segregating society and undermining efforts to deal with extremism and terrorism.

Never mind the fact that the position of Jews in Europe is already taken. Ignore Mr. Malik’s self-serving contention that dealing with terrorism is harder because the cultural isolation of Muslims in Britain is somehow imposed by society at large rather than freely chosen, in fact insisted upon by significant segments of that population. Let us pass right by the campaign of hate designed * to push a female Muslim councilor off her city’s council and back under the veil, and focus on the closing line of the article carrying Mr. Malik’s jeremiad:

Mr Malik’s constituency was home to July 7 suicide bomber Mohammad Siddique Khan.

It is wrong for anyone to be discriminated against because of their faith or ethnicity. But even as it is true that not all Muslims are terrorists, so is it also true that nearly all terrorists these days are Muslims. An immigrant culture which insists upon an separate identity from the nation at large, and which does little to actively prevent murderers from acting out from within that identity, and which – having been taken to task for enabling such atrocities – turns and claims for itself the mantle of victimhood?

Might have a hard time getting along with others. Might even, in time, come to feel “alienated.”

Those are the breaks.

* 08-23-2018 Links Gone; no replacements found – Ed.

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