Something old, something new

By lex, on September 21st, 2007

Got an email from occasional reader Steve, who was apparently in town for the graduation of the last OCS class in Pensacola. Sent along a neat pic from the Aviation Museum of 50 prospective ensigns.

Something old something new.jpg


Steve said that the commissioning speech was given by VADM Harvey, DCNO MPT&E. Said, “Gave a good speech with emphasis on noting the commitment that these young officers have made to their country in a time of war.”

Since he was at the museum anyway, he took a picture that took me back in time.

Something old something new2

I wrote him back.

(T)hat Fisty plaque is definitely a trip down memory lane. I contracted for those things at Ben Martinez’ place in Alongapo. Brought three back to the ship. One for the Lemoore O’Club, one for the Ready Room, one for the ship. The fourth we left at the Cubi O’Club. That one is now in P-Cola.

Almost 20 years ago. Wow.

That seems like a really long time ago.

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