Slice of life

By lex, on January 24th, 2007

You’ve had ‘em. I’ve had ‘em. We’ll have ‘em in the future: A slice of life kind of day.

Meetings of course, the bane of civilization. Might be a good idea that no one gets to sit down during a meeting. Keeps the pontification factor to a minimum.

Then there was homework in the Operations Management class. Not hard so much as merely painful. Manual data entry, foregone conclusions that had to be analytically demonstrated. And so on.

Then there was the other class: Major Group Project telcon, and there’s always that one guy who can’t be bothered to do the actual prerequisite reading that would make the telcon a useful expenditure of everyone else’s effort and time. This particular guy has been drafting off the crowd since we came together 18 months or so ago, and the patience, she is wearing thin. Grad ed degrees are all about group projects, and if someone isn’t holding up their end, the eyes of the world, they fall upon him.

Me? I’m not thinking so much about eyes falling upon him. I’m thinking baseball bats.

Slice of life.

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