I Hate This

By Lex, on Sun – August 28, 2005


But I’m doing it anyway. It’s because I trust you.

Don’t let me down…

What is it that I hate? This:

I’m asking for advice.

Yeah. I know. You’re a guy. You’re not only a guy, but you’re a fighter pilot guy. Even if you’re not current. You don’t ask advice. It simply isn’t done.

Whatever: I’m thinking of migrating from the iBlog tool to something more, I dunno: Powerful. Crazy, I know – one of my first blog posts was about the allure of “power,” as it pertains to computing. It ain’t all good. Sure, “power” is a sexy beast. But the fact that it’s one should not be allowed to obscure the fact that it’s also the other. So.

But! While iBlog was a good engine to get me off of top-dead center in the blogging world, it’s starting to feel a little. Mmm. Restrictive. You could call this adolescent rebellion, but I’m afraid that right now? I know a great deal more about adolescent rebellion than I would truly care to know, and this ain’t in it. Different ball park. Different whole league. Not even the same game. Trust me. After all, I’m trusting you.

Anyways. I’m down to choosing between MovableType and WordPress, and leaning towards WordPress . Because it’s free, and everything. Open source, too. Which is a good thing, I’m reliably informed. Everyone says so. On top of the price. Which is free. And therefore hard to beat.

But I’m pretty sure (not entirely, but pretty) that you can’t host a WordPress blog on the dot Mac server. Which is a damned shame, because I’ve got all that server space over there, and it’s already paid for. No bandwidth constraints either.

Not that I’ve had a problem with that. But who knows? Maybe someday…

It’s clear to me, having gone through the documentation, that I could host a blog right here on my own machine at home. Except that I’m all firewalled off with an Apple Airport Extreme Base Station, which, because I followed the Good Book’s guidance and went forth to be fruitful, and multiply, allows the resultant progeny to connect their machines wirelessly. And I’m not entirely sure how the rest of you are going to get past that firewall to my hard drive. Or that I want you too.

And the goal is that not only do I have a more professional looking blog, with lots and lots of (unexploited) power – call it: room to grow – but that I can fling up the occasional thing I notice while away from my home computer. A server-based solution, in other words, rather than a machine based solution. And it’s not entirely clear to me that this is possible in a cross-platform environment.

Could I build a blog and host it on my home machine – a G5 Mac that you’ll wrest from my cold, dead hands (unless you buy me a replacement G6) – and also send updates from my cell phone or (God forbid) workplace Wintel machine? Or not.

Because if I go to one of these monthly fee web servers, then I’ll have to do the distasteful act of rattling the tip jar a bit more often than I have done so far. And you know you don’t want me going there…

In sum, being short: Movable Type of WordPress? Local hosting, or web hosting service? Possible to cross-platform post, or not? All the world wonders…

“Be plain, good son, and homely in thy drift;

Riddling confession finds but riddling shrift.”

– W.S. Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, Act 2, Scene 3     

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