Surprised he didn’t do TDY at Leavenworth…

The Army can’t MAKE you do anything. It can make you WISH you hadn’t done it…

—-Drill Sgt Claiborne, Ft Ord, CA Sep ’72

The results of the soldier who deliberately sabotaged the parachute rigging dropping the HUMVEES in Germany...

A 173rd Airborne Brigade soldier was convicted Wednesday of being responsible for the destruction of three Humvees that plummeted to the earth during a 2016 training exercise, an event captured on video that became an internet sensation and an embarrassment to the Army.

Sgt. John Skipper, 29, was found guilty at court martial in Vilseck, Germany, of destroying military property and giving a false official statement, according to a statement from the 7th Army Training Command, based in Grafenwoehr.

Skipper was sentenced by a military jury to a bad-conduct discharge and reduction in grade to E-1.

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