Free Ride

Posted by  lex, on March 17th, 2011

George Will writes that China’s economic growth is being underwritten in part by the US Navy’s beneficent guardianship of the international sea lanes of communication:

Whatever China’s navy becomes, some thoughtful people will be surprised. What they do (at the Naval War College) is scholarship, not intelligence — they devour the flood of Chinese military publications. And the scholars differ about the most fundamental question, which is: Will China, for the next three to five decades, concentrate on economic growth — on prospering from globalization’s unimpeded flow of raw materials, goods and services — and be content to let America bear the burden of policing this?

The answer will be yes — if China makes a purely economic calculation. But nations usually have deeper and stronger motivations. This is particularly true of ascendant nations feeling their oats and spurred by long memories of impotence and humiliations.

It may be difficult to thwart the aspirations of 1.3 billion people.

Perhaps Joss Whedon had it right.

Free Ride

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