Flying With Spike

Flying With Spike

Hard to believe it has been 27 years since Navy Captain  Michael “Spike” Scott Speicher disappeared with his FA-18 over Iraq. In my reposting of Lex’s posts, a few days ago I reposted his news of finding his remains in 2009.


I am sure that had Lex come across this post by Kevin Miller, he would have linked it. But alas, it was just written a few days ago. He tells us the kind of man Spike was.

H/T to spill.

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  1. duverick100

    Bill, My oldest flew with VFA 81 on their last OIR cruise ’14-’15. Here are a couple of photos from the Tiger cruise that exhibit their memorial to “Spike”. In addtion to wearing the POW/MIA insignia inside the vertical stabilzer of their 200 modex (Photo NAS Fallon), then CO Cdr. Dresden had Capt. Speicher’s bio and photo painted on the starboard side of his 201 bird… Never forget… Thanks for sharing this.

    WANG’s dad

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