No Good Deed…

Sometimes you have to laugh at life. I think sooner or later, most of you have been in this situation.

You are patiently standing in line at the supermarket, and (a) a LOL (that’s Little Old Lady for the purposes of this post, or (b) young mother with screaming kids, or (c) anybody else – is right behind you with 1 or 2 items.

So you offer to let them ahead of you, anticipating a quick transaction and a little appreciation.

Only they need a price check, or write a check, are arguing about a price, or….

And you are tied up for the next 5-10 minutes. Or more. I think with a bit of creativity that scene could become a Michael Palin or John Cleese skit.

So anyway, a few hours ago, I am riding my bike and am in a nearly empty parking lot when this LOL, alone in the lot, is frantically waving at me to stop. I am thinking she is in trouble and needed help.

Turns out she has an accent from Hogday’s locale. “You’re a bit far from home aren’t you?”, said I.

She was in no mood for humo[u]r.

She asks in a demanding tone, “When’s the next shuttle to  [our Indian casino]?”

Which, as an aside, I believe is the most profitable casino – Indian or otherwise, in the country. We had an initiative 10-15 years ago, and these casinos were allowed to go on “reservations”.  This reservation is  in the  suburbs, where it has siphoned a lot of traffic that would have gone to Reno.

Anyway, internally I am wanting to say, “What am I, a traveling information booth?“, but “I don’t know” was uttered.

Anyway she asks to borrow my cell phone, we call their help line and for the next 20 minutes she is arguing with them over their decision to cut back to 2 shuttles a day vs their previous 4. You know, one of those arguments you know is going nowhere, it is what it is –  and finally I told her I have to go.

You’d have thought I’d have received a “thank you”, but none was forthcoming.

It reminded me of another British ex-pat I knew who on occasion was known to say, “I didn’t get so much as a thank you or kiss my ….“.


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