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History Repeats Itself

by lex

Posted on Wednesday September 7, 2005


The first time as a tragedy.

The second time as a farce.


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ROE Violations 1, 2, and 3

Things that there probably ought to be a law against, but isn’t apparently – aka, examples of a very strange man breaking major rules of engagement at the athletic club:

1) Walking around the locker room in your altogether, toweling yourself off vigorously while humming the crescendo of the 1812 Overture (complete with simulated cannon fire)

2) Meat-gazing

3) Any combination of numbers 1 & 2


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by lex

Posted on September 8, 2005

Your Navy has moved thousands upon thousands of Katrina refugees across the country (with press accounts attributing their efforts to the Air Force, so it goes) and this is how we get press:

PENSACOLA, Fla., Sept. 6 – Two Navy helicopter pilots and their crews returned from New Orleans on Aug. 30 expecting to be greeted as lifesavers after ferrying more than 100 hurricane victims to safety.

Instead, their superiors chided the pilots, Lt. David Shand and Lt. Matt Udkow, at a meeting the next morning for rescuing civilians when their assignment that day had been to deliver food and water to military installations along the Gulf Coast.

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The Advantages of a Parliamentary Democracy

Posted on July 21, 2005
Are made manifest when a journalist asks the Australian Prime Minister a stupid question about whether British policy in Iraq is to blame for recent terror attacks there.
Parliamentarians learn to be quick on their feet.

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Nothing at All

by lex

Wed – July 20, 2005


To report thus far today:

Slept in until nearly 0700 – it felt like a wicked self-indulgence, but as I have been on leave for the better part of three weeks now, I felt I owed it to myself.

And then I went and played golf – at Torrey Pines. Met up with a couple of very nice gents and one fetching young lady, name of Courtney, currently a senior at Pepperdine, number 2 on their golf team and the second place finisher at the recent LA Amateur. Yah – she was good. Long and straight and hit the ball well too. I out-drove her of course, because I’m all about distance. Distance and hitting the ball hard, which are not always the same thing, So yeah, I out-drove a girl. But not by much, considering I probably have a good 70 pounds of meat and gristle on her, and she was in the fairway every farking time. Which I, gentle reader, most assuredly, was not. Being all about distance, and hitting it hard.

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Guest Blogging – Thunder Tanking

By lex

Fri – March 25, 2005


One of the fun things about the business brotherhood of naval aviation is the way that sea stories lead in turn to other stories. Long time Neptunus Lex sufferer and occasional correspondent Jonboy has a story below about tanking in bad weather, which my Night in the Barrel story reminded him of.

I think it’s a great read, and hope you enjoy it too:

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Europe In B & W, 1973-1974

A thought popped into my head that I have never shown you these photos. Or if I did, I can’t remember it 😉

But since I was 12 years old and found a grandfather’s old twin lens reflex camera – an Ansco – not a Rolleiflex – photography has interested me.

Anyway one of the first things I bought at the PX once arriving at my first station in Landstuhl, Germany was  a Pentax single lens reflex camera. I used a lot of Agfa color slide film, but once I got to my second station at Neubreucke – about 60 miles away – I soon discovered they had for our use a photo lab complete with Leitz enlargers.

Maybe I am getting ahead of myself.

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